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When Franklin Templeton launched ‘The Marathon of Life’ campaign last year, they took on a mammoth task. The aim was to simplify investment principles for the common man. It was creatively done by using marathon as a metaphor to communicate six essential qualities that one needs to become a good investor.

‘The Marathon of Life’ has gained momentum with every stride, every story, and every lesson learnt from it. The second edition features stories of three new characters that have been chosen to best explain some of the most evolved concepts of investments, which are true for life as well:

  • The Power of Compounding: The protagonist explains the concept of compounding and how it makes the whole greater than the sum of parts.
  • Diversification: This story explains how diversifying your efforts can help you mitigate risks and achieve your goals.
  • Risk: A powerful story that showcases how well-informed and calculated risks can lead to greater rewards.
Juzer Tambawalla

Commenting on the second edition of the campaign, Juzer Tambawalla, Director and Head, Marketing, Franklin Templeton India, said, "The Marathon of Life 2.0 continues to demystify complex topics with its sublime storyline and powerful characters.”

Geetanjali Sachwani

Geetanjali Sachwani, AVP, Marketing, Franklin Templeton India, said, "Everyone enjoys stories, but the real-life ones leave you inspired. Real-life people make a compelling story and their struggles always add a different dimension and gravity…It’s a delicate blend and a fine balance between their storyline and our themes.”

The campaign is spearheaded by Mumbai-based digital agency Mirum India.

Naila Patel

Naila Patel, Executive Creative Director, Mirum India, said, "The Marathon of Life is an ode to life and investments, but more than that, it is a continuous celebration of inspiring stories and shared vision of Franklin Templeton and Mirum India.”

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