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Friends Adult Dry Pants - the flagship brand of Nobel Hygiene, specially designed for sufferers of Incontinence (urine leakage), has announced its partnership with TVF for the first edition of its latest show ‘DaduGiri’.

Conceptualised by TVF and primary sponsor Friends Adult Dry Pants, the show is part of the diaper products market leader’s aim to create larger conversations around incontinence—both amongst those already using diapers; and those who continue to suffer from incontinence in silence without treatment or solution. 

‘DaduGiri’ is a family comedy which features the many capers of a dapper Dadu (grandfather) and his naive grandson Girish. Dadu is a pro at using his wit and charm to get things done and is Girish's problem solver.

However, Dadu has a secret: ‘baar baar bathroom jaane ki problem’. As the show progresses, we see Dadu struggle and then embrace his bladder issues, with help from Friends Adult Dry Pants and Girish.

Girish, who is generally shy, but understands this 'problem' that plagues his Dadu, and supports him to find a solution to it.

A light-hearted comedy – ‘DaduGiri’, hopes to take the conversation about incontinence to younger generations who may be able to spot a family member in pain and help with a solution.

Kartik Johari, Vice-President, Marketing and Commerce, Nobel Hygiene, said, “Adult diapers are most often bought, not by the sufferer, but by a caregiver. Our internal research has shown that grandkids especially are a very influential lot—They see their grandparents’ pain and fight the stigma around diapers. But how do you engage with this younger generation? Through an inventive and entertaining show that brings the problem to light and urges young people to reflect, and talk about it in their own homes. Dadugiri, made by the renowned TVF team, is our solution. We have deliberately shown our dadu as a very macho, in-control man. To tell our audience that incontinence can afflict anyone, the shame around it can cripple anyone; but adult dry pants can be a solution for everyone.”

Vijay Koshy, President, TVF, said, “When we partnered with Friends Adult Diapers we had a simple seed thought, after creating the coolest dad we embarked on a journey to create the coolest Dadu of the internet. Our dadu shares intimate problems with his grandson, but when it comes to embracing adult diapers his coolness fades away.”

“Incontinence is a lesser-known problem and adult diapers generally have strong reluctance and fears associated for consumers. Through research the brand identified that most senior citizens who adapted adult diapers it was through the younger members of the family and their insistence. Via this cool and irreverent Dadu we wanted to create awareness about this ailment and how wearing adult diapers is not a big deal, and via Girish show how youth can encourage senior citizens in their family to adapt adult diapers. Dadugiri hence is a 5-episode series about the adventures of this unusual Dadu and grandson Jodi which in a fun way seeps in awareness and helps adaption of Adult Diapers” Koshy added.

Actor Sharat Saxena said, “I have been in the industry for almost 50 years and I have fans belonging to every age bracket. I cater to audiences of my age and as well as to youngsters. I have been told I am popular in pop culture as well. So, when team TVF wanted me to become the flag bearer of this noble cause which targets mainly to youngsters and then to oldies alike. I was like let’s do it, let’s do it for my peers and let’s do it for my younger fans.”

“I would like to appeal to all to accept the incontinence problem they have and live their life to the fullest by adopting adult diapers,” Saxena added.

The show premiered on May 6, 2022, and will release episodes every 4 days on TVF’s YouTube channel. The second episode is slated to go live on May 10.