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Pawan Sarda

Future Group sees content as the key to connect to consumers at the regional level by speaking in their language. The group that operates the largest hypermarket chain Big Bazaar with 250+ stores in over 120 cities and towns has increased focus on going local and regional in its communication.

“We believe that regional content is something that is been consumed a lot. We have created a philosophy called Big Bazaar Local within the organisation. So we want Big Bazaar to become local and digital is going to play a big role,” added Sarda.

Stating its challenges while undertaking content route, Sarda said, “We are a pan-India brand and creating content at that scale and infrastructure becomes very tough for us.”

As of now, the brand doesn’t spend much on content marketing but is looking at increasing its focus on the content front going forward.

For Future Group, sales lead generation is not the focus, but it undertakes the route to strengthen the brand and calls it a long-run marketing play. “It’s really difficult to put ROI to it, but our objective is to get the customer’s share of heart through content marketing. I would call content marketing a brand-strengthening exercise.”