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After leading the industry with the vertical video format, Gaana videos, Gaana has launched its own form of video stories - a version of short-form video content to showcase engaging mini videos and influencer clips on the app. With seamless toggle and navigation gestures, the feature aims to offer uninterrupted music experience.

Stories is the feature that has been popularized by apps like Snapchat and Instagram, has been adapted by Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Netflix and many others. With Gaana Stories, the brand has emerged as the only music streaming platform in the entertainment industry to showcase mini videos and influencer clips.

These stories are designed to offer Gaana users a flavour of newly launched, upcoming or trending/popular songs. In its soft launch, Gaana has partnered with labels and artists to feature engaging stories to promote newly launched songs and artist stories.

Speaking at the launch, Gaana CEO Prashan Agarwal said, “At Gaana, we have believed in producing premium content that is meant to be mobile, social and shareable. After our industry-first launch of Gaana Videos earlier this year, we wanted to go above and beyond in our ambition to host differentiated and engaging content apart from the core music streaming experience, and that led to the idea of Gaana Stories. In its most purest sense, stories are previews of songs that will help music lovers get a quick taste of newly launched, upcoming and trending songs.”

Earlier in April, Gaana made its first major foray into video content by adding music videos to its audio-led experience. Built for the mobile, these exclusive & immersive vertical videos now accompany new and popular music on Gaana, and is handcrafted by artists in partnership with the brand with the intention to bring music lovers closer to the artist as they enjoy their favorite music.