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It’s generally seen brands work with macro-influencers more than the micro ones when their agenda is garnering massive reach across audiences. These macro-influencers come at a hefty cost. On the other hand, brands get on board micro and less costly influencers when their direct objective is not fetching reach but winning consumers’ trust.

Recently, Vivel body wash from the house of ITC made a really smart move. It brought on board less costly and mostly micro-influencers on board to promote the latest variants Lavender Almond Oil and Mint Cucumber under Vivel body wash. The icing on the cake here is that even after using less expensive influencers and with a media value of hardly Rs 2 lakh, the campaign has fetched a reach of over one million.

These influencers posted various kinds of videos on using body wash and why their audience should use Vivel body wash with hashtags #BetterThanSoap.

The Instagram campaign:

In the personal care category, we have mostly seen that brands use more of bigger influencers. For example, Pantene worked with big names like Genelia D’Souza, Mallika Dua and Sanjeeda Shaikh for their #freedomhair campaign. These influencers come at a huge cost. While in this case, Vivel did it with micro-influencers and still got engagement of almost an equal level.

Sheeko Brandscore graph:

The time has arrived when brands have started using Influencer marketing to reach out to tier II, III and IV cities. Until now, these regions have been mostly served with traditional TV advertising.

Through them, Vivel wanted to build trust among the female audience from smaller regions to adopt a habit of using body wash instead of soap. It can be assumed that the brand focused mainly on tier III tier IV audience in this campaign as they have taken Cat B and cat C influencers from different regions.

ITC has always taken the purpose-driven marketing route to promote the brand. Last year, as part of Vivel’s larger integrated campaign ‘AbSamjhautaNahin’, the brand launched, a website designed for a simplified understanding of laws around women’s rights. Compiled in an FAQ format and available in English and Hindi language, Vivel seeks to empower women and enable self-action.

More recently, under the same umbrella campaign, ITC Vivel launched a video featuring host, model and actor Kubbra Sait, in a freewheeling monologue, Sait echoed the brand philosophy of ITC Vivel’s #AbSamjhautaNahin, designed to educate, believe and celebrate gender equality with the firm belief that no one should have to compromise on their dignity or be discriminated against.

ITC already had a stronghold in the shower gel category but wasn’t present in body wash. Therefore, last year, in order to expand, the FMCG giant launched body wash under the umbrella brand Vivel. 

ITC has built a portfolio of over 25 world-class Indian brands within a short span of time. ITC’s portfolio of brands, including Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, Bingo!, YiPPee! Classmate, Fiama, Vivel, Engage, Savlon Mangaldeep and many others, represent an annual consumer spend of over Rs 18,000 crore. In terms of annual consumer spend, ‘Aashirvaad’ is today over Rs 4,500 crore: ‘Sunfeast’ over Rs 3,800 crore; ‘Bingo!’ nearly Rs 2,500 crore; ‘Classmate’ over Rs 1,400 crore; ‘YiPPee!’ over Rs 1,100 crore while ‘Vivel’, ‘Mangaldeep’ and ‘Candyman’ are over Rs 500 crore each.