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Glenfiddich partnered with a number of celebrity chefs and food bloggers to celebrate their 134th anniversary on Christmas.

The brand launched a digital series with renowned chefs and connoisseurs like Vicky Ratnani, Chef Ashish Bhasin, Dhruv Oberoi, Pooja Dhingra, Sanjyot Keer, Kavan Kuttappa, Amninder Sandhu, Ruchira Hoon, and Uday Balaji.

According to the data provided by content marketing company Sheeko, the campaign had an estimated reach of over three million and the brand spent around Rs 30 lakh on it.  

The campaign embodies Glenfiddich’s philosophy of pushing boundaries and challenging yourself even when you’re the world’s most awarded.

Usually, alcohol brands collaborate with lifestyle and premium/luxury influencers for promotions. However, Glenfiddich collaborated with chefs to showcase how the whisky can be incorporated in various recipes.

This will not only raise brand awareness but will also lead to people using the product for enhancing their culinary skills at home.

According to the brand, the campaign defies traditional perceptions of whisky by playing with flavours through experimental whisky serves, unconventional pairings, and infusions with food and desserts using the flagship Glenfiddich 12-Year-old variant.

The chefs and connoisseurs reflect the brand ethos of necessity to take risks for meaningful growth, to live not by convention but by writing your own rulebook. 

Angad Singh Gandhi, Brand Ambassador, Glenfiddich India, said, “Glenfiddich has always been known for its experiments and innovative experiences. The campaign celebrates the brand’s passion for pushing boundaries by bringing together trailblazers from the culinary world to explore limitless possibilities that exist beyond the traditional world of single malts.”

 Glenfiddich is also a brand that mostly works with micro and mid-level influencers for their Instagram campaigns. However, these creators are known to have a good audience engagement.

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