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Darpan Sanghvi (Left) & Malini Agarwal (Right)

Good Glamm Group has acquired MissMalini Entertainment- the celebrity media and influencer talent management network.

This move will offer Good Glamm Group access to a robust network of influencers, celebrities and market know-how, thereby enhancing its content-to-commerce play.

Following this acquisition, Mumbai-based MissMalini Entertainment will continue to function independently while bringing its expertise to the Good Glamm Group. MissMalini Founder Malini Agarwal and Co-founders Nowshad Rizwanullah (also CEO) and Mike Melli (also CRO) will continue to lead the company.

Good Glamm Group will get MissMalini’s five business divisions that include MissMalini Media (multi-format original content and marketing), Girl Tribe by MissMalini (women’s community platform), Ignite Edge (celebrity and talent management), Agent M Creative (Creative Agency) and MM Studios (video production house).

They will work closely with Good Glamm Group Founder and CEO, Darpan Sanghvi and co-founders Priyanka Gill and Naiyya Saggi.

The Good Glamm Group’s commerce and content stack coupled with MissMalini’s celebrity, influencer and content strengths will boost the group’s D2C capabilities. With this acquisition, the Good Glamm Group now has digital media brands including POPxo, ScoopWhoop, BabyChakra.

Darpan Sanghvi, Group Founder and CEO, Good Glamm Group, said, “We have admired MissMalini over the years. They were the first movers in the influencer space, are the leading digital voice on Bollywood and the Girl Tribe is turning into a highly engaged and relevant community. We see all these elements and expertise as highly valuable pieces in the ambitious Content to Commerce disruption we are creating in India. Super excited to begin this journey with MissMalini and support their vision and growth.”

Malini Agarwal, Founder, MissMalini, said, “This is an incredibly exciting new chapter for MissMalini Entertainment. Becoming part of Good Glamm Group will be hugely beneficial for both parties, whether in terms of our massive, combined industry footprint or opening new avenues for growth in this digital first world. Both the Good Glamm Group and MissMalini share strong brand synergies, common values and a joint vision to transform India’s burgeoning social commerce industry, leveraging first mover advantages to create exciting new opportunities across the country’s creator economy. While I will continue to spearhead MissMalini's creative operations, I am super excited to launch new initiatives in the future with G3 co-founders Darpan, Priyanka and Naiyya and all the other fabulous companies that are joining the group. These are incredibly talented entrepreneurs and I'm honoured to join such a fabulous crew!"

Priyanka Gill, Co-Founder, Good Glamm Group, said, “Malini and I both started our own digital content ventures nearly a decade ago - and today as we welcome MissMalini to the Good Glamm Group - we have come full circle. We are passionate believers in the might of digital content and with MissMalini’s reach into the celebrity and influencer landscape will open up exciting avenues for the Good Glamm Group. I look forward to working with the MissMalini team to build out our collective vision.”

Naiyya Saggi, Co-Founder, Good Glamm Group, added, “We are so excited to welcome Malini, Nowshad and the fantastic team at MissMalini to Good Glamm Group. Malini is synonymous with Bollywood, the Influencer economy and now with The Girl Tribe, highly engaged communities for women. These are all critical pieces for us as a group with clear synergies across each of our brands. This also marks yet another milestone for us as a group of partnering with audacious, bold entrepreneurs who create categories. We look forward to growing from strength to strength with this special partnership.”

Nowshad Rizwanullah, Co-Founder and CEO, MissMalini Entertainment, added, “Our relationship with Darpan stretches back several years, thanks to our shared passion for content and creator powered commerce. While our early discussions focused on our two companies, it became immediately clear that combining Good Glamm Group’s proven commerce expertise with our decade of experience in celebrity and influencer media would create exciting and unique new business opportunities not only for our own brands but also our valued B2B clients at large. MissMalini's B2B practice has been at the forefront of the influencer marketing surge over the last two years, and now our clients will have a distinct advantage in navigating the creator/influencer ecosystem at scale. This deal comes at a time when the market has been transformed from individual transactions to long-term IP creation and we are thrilled to set foot on this next journey with Good Glamm Group.”