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Darshan Bhatt

GoQuest Media Ventures, an independent distributor of Indian content across the world, recently announced the launch of its latest content construction division GoQuest Digital Studios. The Studios will develop, produce and distribute high-quality, unscripted programming based on original IP or formats for an energetic and fast-moving audience. The unit will be led by Darshan Bhatt, who has been appointed as the Director of GoQuest Digital Studios operations in India, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa.

GoQuest Digital Studios also wants to transform conventional brand engagement by making quality content that appeals to new-age sensibilities and inviting brands to subtly integrate their offerings in these stories. By ensuring that the end goal of branded content becomes storytelling rather than just being a manifesto of the product features, GoQuest Digital Studios aims to make brand awareness more engaging for end users while generating high value for businesses.

What to make, for whom to make and what platform to target, these are the three key questions that modern content strategizing deals with. GoQuest Digital Studios focuses on each aspect, thereby relieving brand marketers and content creators from the laborious process of engaging with multiple agencies to develop platform-specific brand strategies. By developing quality content directed towards digital-first audiences and developing monetisation strategies based on various parameters, GoQuest has all the bases covered to develop an optimally integrated brand management plan.

Darshan Bhatt, Director, GoQuest Digital Studios, said, “The branded content advertising market in India is growing at a brisk pace, yet, brands often face great difficulty in coordinating with various agencies with different priorities. This is where GoQuest comes in. As India’s first one-stop destination that facilitates every aspect of content driven branding, we will bring in some much-needed transformation through subtle integration of brands, developing relevant content in sync with current trends and designing personalised content strategies for the target audience of the brand, all the while keeping the emotions alive through meaningful stories that take consumers on an experiential journey.”

GoQuest Media Ventures is the largest independent distributor of Indian content all over the world. Television syndication, digital distribution, social media monetisation and subtle brand integration in target audience-specific content are some of the services GoQuest specialises in. With operations spread across emerging markets such as Latin America, Africa, Middle East, South Asia apart from Western Europe, GoQuest Media Ventures aims to be the largest marketplace for worldwide content in a short span of time.