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Greenlam Industries has launched a brand-new digital film this Diwali, shining a light on ‘inner beauty’ and urging viewers to ‘Beautify the Inside’.

The film, conceptualised and directed by The Titus Upputuru Company encapsulates that when beauty exists on the inside, it will transcend all bounds to show on the outside too.

In this heartwarming Diwali film, a young boy is gifted a small doggy soft toy that he had his heart set on by his father as a surprise. Soon after, the young boy sees a poor woman selling diyas (earthen vessels of light) at a distance, with her little daughter sitting beside her, crying. Seeing this, the young boy quietly leaves his beloved new soft toy next to the little girl, stopping her tears and lighting both her and the young boy’s faces up with smiles. Like the young boy’s inner purity and beauty of his heart shone through in his simple gesture, Greenlam Industries too, believes that when one’s inside is beautiful, it shows on the outside too. This Diwali, Greenlam Industries urges consumers to ‘Beautify the Inside’. 

Parul Mittal, Director, Greenlam Industries, said, “At Greenlam, we are constantly improving our services to offer the best surfacing solutions while being committed to providing elegant, beautiful spaces for every aesthetic and mood. We truly believe that when beauty lies on the inside, it cannot be contained from shining on the outside too, and that holds true for not just people but spaces as well. Through this film, we want to convey the message that Greenlam aims to beautify the inside of one’s spaces, both residential and commercial, so that they are beautiful both on the inside and outside.”

Titus Upputuru, Founder, The Titus Upputuru Company, and the Director of the film, said, “During Diwali, there is so much emphasis on the exterior. How we look, how our houses look, how the buildings and the shops look. People dress up themselves and try to make everything look beautiful. When we looked at Greenlam, the brand has been beautifying the interiors for years now. That's when we decided to look inwards. We turned the spotlight on our hearts. If we are beautiful on the inside, it manifests on the outside. The film celebrates this powerful insight through a heart-rending story of a little boy and his favourite toy. It was wonderful to work with the children and bring about the emotion of giving, as it is more blessed to give than to receive”.

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