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Greenply Industries has launched a short film ‘The Table’ as a part of its festive campaign. The film revolves around the emotional connection of a mother with a table at her home and how the table becomes the fulcrum of a family reunion during a festive occasion. The short film stars Dhritiman Chatterjee and Zarina Wahab in the lead. The hashtag of the campaign is #YahanRishteBasteHain.

A piece of furniture is just not a piece of furniture. A bed is a central piece of a bedroom where love flourishes. A dining table is the centre of family bonding. A study table is a bitter-sweet relationship between siblings. Furniture witnesses the growth, the shift of generations, they are part of a family. We keep hosting Diwali dinners at the same dining table year after year. This shows the longevity and the persistent presence of that piece of furniture which just doesn’t remain a piece of furniture.

The film:

The film centres around the emotions of a mother and her relationship with a dining table that has been there in her family for years. The table has witnessed the growth of their family from a couple to a family to now grandparents. The table symbolises the feelings of a mother. The mother keeps reminiscing about the moments. How the table slowly becomes ‘full’ of their expanding family. She rues the fact that how for the last many years the table has remained empty as the children have left the nest. Her anguish comes in the form of her demand to her husband to sell off the table as it’s big in size and their family now is limited to just two of them. Her husband understands the underlying emotion and knows that it’s just an expression of her sadness and she doesn’t mean it. The story revolves around this emotional connection of the mother with the table and how the table again becomes the fulcrum of a family reunion on the festive occasion.

Sanidhya Mittal, Joint Managing Director, Greenply Industries, said, “Greenply is a brand that has care at its core. The brand acts as a fulcrum of activities in a family. With its durability and quality as a core promise, the brand remains with the family for the longest period and slowly becomes a part of a family than just a piece of furniture. Through this campaign, we want to connect emotionally with our audience and bring out the role which our brand plays in consumers' lives."