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Havells has launched the world’s first digital LED Ramlila to celebrate the ongoing festivities around Dussehra-Diwali and to repackage the story of Lord Rama to suit the needs of the ever-evolving audience. The campaign has been conceptualised by Dentsu Digital.

A story that has been told through generations and much awaited through the year, Ramlila always marks the beginning of better times. The epic tale of light ending darkness is one we’ve heard and seen being played at maidans across the country.

But what if this game of light and darkness came to life?

Havells with Dentsu Digital have reimagined this tale using the most fundamental elements of it. Light and Darkness. The world’s first digital LED Ramlila is a 10-part video series that makes use of Havells LED lights, shadow puppetry, intricate art and captive storytelling, to recreate and retain a classic for a new-age digital audience.

Amit Tiwari

Speaking about the campaign, Amit Tiwari, Vice-President, Marketing, Havells India, said, “Lighting is important for all of us. Not only does it give us a sense of clarity, but also a kind of security which is hidden under the spell of darkness. Through this unique visual screenplay, we are amalgamating the story of victory of good over evil, and light over darkness.”

Sudesh Samaria

Sudesh Samaria, CCO and Co-founder, Dentsu Webchutney, said, “Ramayana is timeless, and we have been brought up with it, marrying the lights with this epic tale has indeed been a clever play. This campaign is the perfect homage, in a way that is both symbolic and unique.”

Gurbaksh Singh

Gurbaksh Singh, Chief Creative Technologist, Dentsu Digital, said, “In this digital age, it’s always great to repackage an idea to suit the needs of the ever-evolving audience. The digital LED Ramlila does exactly that by combining Havells lights with a story we’ve all grown up listening. What’s interesting is the minimalistic approach of using only two elements to narrate it.”

This is indeed a unique way to get the audience excited about the festivities while getting them to talk about our glorious past, culture and heritage.

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