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Mame Khan, Sufi artist Kavita Seth and Palash Sen

HCL has launched ‘Soundscapes’, an initiative by HCL Concerts on the weekend of World Music Day, bringing to fore the rich and inclusive music from across the Indian landscape. The programme will host live, virtual performances every fortnight. It will feature a selection of popular artists from a variety of independent genres including popular music, Sufi, tribal and regional.

Soundscapes will debut with a three-day fest starting from June 19 to 21, 2020, featuring Rajasthani folk musician Mame Khan on June 19, followed by the Sufi artist Kavita Seth on June 20 and culminating with a music performance by Palash Sen with Euphoria on June 21.

The performances will be live-streamed on the Facebook page of HCL Concerts ( at 7pm and will feature popular artists in stand-alone performances every fortnight.

With this initiative, HCL Concerts, which has been focused on nurturing and promoting the Indian classical performing arts, is expanding its efforts to include other genres of Indian music, bringing its followers a complete bouquet of music representing the entire Indian landscape.

Announcing the new initiative, Sundar Mahalingam, Chief Strategy Officer, HCL Corporation and Shiv Nadar Foundation, said, “HCL has been working towards reinvigorating the Indian classical performing arts over the last 22 years through HCL Concerts. More than 600 acclaimed artists have performed on this platform. Given the rich and diverse musical heritage of our country, we are now expanding our efforts to also bring independent indigenous sounds to our audience that are rooted in the strong Indian music traditions. Soundscapes, a new initiative by HCL Concerts, presented on a digital platform, will offer our viewers and listeners an unparalleled musical experience, keeping the Indian flavour intact.”

The conservation and promotion of India’s art and cultural heritage are very close to HCL’s heart. To this end, HCL has been organising HCL Concerts for 22 years, dedicated to nurturing and promoting talent rooted in the glorious heritage of Indian classical performing arts. Over the years, more platforms have been developed to contribute to the growth of the Indian performing arts ecosystem. Most notable of these are the HCL Music App and HCL Digital Concerts.