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Global technology conglomerate HCL Corporation and The Habitats Trust, a foundation working towards protecting habitats and their indigenous species, have tied-up with Animal Planet to showcase a new TV series ‘On The Brink’ to create awareness about Animal Conservation in India. The show, which will be aired on Animal Planet every Monday at 9 pm, starting August 20, will unravel mysteries of the natural world and help understand why species that once lived in large populations, are now literally on the brink.

‘On The Brink’ will explore species and habitats rarely seen on Indian television and will witness the trials and tribulations of the endangered species as they are confronted with myriad threats to their survival. The species to be covered in Season 1 of the series include Red Panda, Fishing Cats, Slender Loris and Bengal Tiger.  The show will also share stories of hope, of solutions and of the courageous men and women at the forefront of the battle to save these species from extinction. 

 “Wildlife and habitats conservation is essential to maintaining the natural ecological balance of our planet; however, it is under serious threat largely due to human-induced factors such as habitat destruction, overhunting, pollution and climate change. The earth is as much ours, as it is of the flora and fauna that inhabit it and there is a lot we can achieve if all ofuspool in ourefforts with an aim to save the endangered indigenous species. On The Brink is a concerted attempt to raise awareness about the importance and the urgency of animal conservation,” said Roshni Nadar Malhotra, CEO, HCL Corporation and Founder and Trustee, The Habitats Trust.


The series has been directed by National Film Awards winner - Akanksha Sood Singh and adventurer, explorer and wildlife presenter - Malaika Vaz- is the presenter of the show.  In the 8-part series shot across the country, Malaika Vaz journeys through India, immersing herself in the most incredible landscapes and habitats and coming eye-to-eye with the rarely spotted animals that live there. Each episode highlights a story which is important to tell right now, or else it might get too late.

 “There is a dire need to create awareness about species conservation as almost half of the 177-mammal species surveyed lost more than 80% of their distribution between 1900 and 2015. We are delighted to enter into this tie-up with HCL Corporation and The Habitats Trust to showcase a one-of-its-kind series, On The Brink. It is about nature programming that inspires wonder and curiosity. It goes beyond the megafauna to showcase India’s incredible diversity and importantly creates awareness about the need to save species and their habitat. This is in line with our enhanced focus on conservation as a part of our philosophy ‘Humans Like Us’,” said ZulfiaWaris, VP, Premium and Digital networks, Discovery Communications India.