HDFC Securities takes on board Puretech Digital to manage its content and social media

The goal behind the mandate is to use digital platforms to drive greater engagement with users and create financial awareness at a time when more Indians are investing in financial assets than ever before

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2021 is turning out to be a great year for the Indian capital markets. The secondary market indices are frequently testing new highs, while the primary market is buzzing with unprecedented interest in IPOs. First-time investors are flocking in large numbers to invest in the stock markets and brokerages are opening demat and trading accounts at a rate never seen before.

HDFC Securities is looking to leverage these opportunities and is betting big on digital.

To that end, it has onboarded Mumbai-based digital marketing firm, Puretech Digital, to manage its content and social media mandate. HDFC Securities will work closely with Puretech Digital to create investor awareness campaigns across multiple digital platforms. Puretech will create and manage a variety and format of content across its various social media platforms. A large part of this content strategy will pivot around video and vernacular.

The goal behind the mandate is to use digital platforms to drive greater engagement with users and create financial awareness at a time when more Indians than ever before are investing in financial assets.

The number of demat accounts in the country has increased sharply since the start of FY20, from four crore to about seven crore. The boom in equities, along with the Covid-19 lockdown, has incentivised people to learn about the stock market.

“The rise in interest in the stock market presents an opportunity for and puts the responsibility on the financial services industry to educate investors, especially as more youngsters try to navigate the world of equities in the hopes of achieving their financial goals,” said Gagan Singla, CMO and CDO, HDFC Securities, adding that social media, video and vernacular are great ways to reach both first-time and seasoned investors. “We are working with Puretech Digital on optimising and driving excellence throughout a customer’s financial decision journey, while assisting them to leverage from our more than two decades of capital markets expertise and experience. We are sure our leadership in research translating into digital content will provide ease of stock market picking for our customers and a wider audience.”

“Digital platforms offer an incredible opportunity to create greater investor awareness through knowledge-based content,” said Prashant Deorah, President, Quantent, and CEO and MD, Puretech Digital. “Puretech and HDFC Securities are working collaboratively to drive better outcomes across the marketing funnel, be it through content, search or social media.”

Deorah said Puretech Digital aims to bring a fresh approach to social media and YouTube, by combining high-quality insights with a unique approach to creating customer-focused content developed through its years of experience.

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