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Heads Up For Tails, the omnichannel pet care destination, has announced the launch of a community-inspired brand campaign titled ‘#HUFTFamilyTales’ featuring 3 short films.

Each of them short films depict a slice-of-life moment of people in the pet-parents’ community.

The brand films were conceptualised by the marketing team at Heads Up For Tails, the stories were inspired by real customers and then produced in partnership with FCB India. Directed by Tom Koshy, the films are a creative representation of how people come together with their pets to build a really strong family bond. 

The Daughter film is inspired by a Heads Up For Tails customer who battled cancer and had her dog next to her throughout. The customer found solace and strength in her senior dog, who she considers to be her daughter.

The Siblings film is a tale of two shy children - a little girl who struggles to make friends and a young puppy who has just been adopted. They share moments that strengthen their bond.

The Son film is a story of a couple who were going through a rough patch, and the cat becomes a catalyst for them to rekindle their romance.

Samriddh Dasgupta, Chief Marketing Officer, Heads Up For Tails, said, “At Heads Up For Tails, we are focusing on expanding the category and bringing more people into pet parenthood. It is an amazing journey filled with love, craziness and self-discovery. We reached out to our community for stories that depict this myriad of emotions. It was truly overwhelming to see the kind of impact pets have had on the lives of their parents, and how our brand has had the privilege of playing a small role in this journey. We aspire to raise awareness about the value that a pet brings to your life, but in a fun and deeply creative way. We believe that pets are family, and family deserves only the best.”