Here is how Angel One simplified its content strategy for millennials

As part of its content marketing efforts, Angel One has initiated key campaigns such as #ShagunKeShares, #EkNayiShuruaat and #BudgetKaMatlab to attract first-time investors and traders from Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities

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New India’s big growth story lies in its vast, untapped Tier 2, 3 and 4 cities. Making them enter the world of stock markets by empowering and educating them is a must for all the FinTech companies operating in the market. This is precisely what Vishesh Sharma - Head, Content Marketing, PR and Startups, Angel One had in mind while coming up with a new content marketing strategy.

The result of Angel One’s multichannel, multipronged approach to deliver quality content led to a 58% increase in organic leads, a 44% rise in organic traffic from content initiatives and a 5.18% increase in the time spent on the page last year. It also led to growth on YouTube in engagement by 335%, growth in impressions by 104%, and growth in YT fanbase by 231%.

Keeping in mind the diverse personas in the FinTech sector, it recognised the importance of building a community for each one of them through the initiatives of Angel Academy, which is a multi-format, multi-lingual and multi-platform content marketing approach.

The FinTech platform went for the 3H approach that focuses on Hero content, Hygiene Content, Hub Content and other insights that help build a learning-led community. This community-led approach allowed them to increase the impact of their content as millennials stay loyal to customers over brands.

The community is technology-led with Smart API, Smart Store, webinars, associations, and other tie-ups. This is one of the key distinguishing factors that make them stand apart from businesses restricted to equity markets.

The platform created Smart Money, an education portal that provides free stock market-based structured courses for millennials, investors, traders, or just the intrigued, in order to simplify finance to help the new age Indians realise their financial needs.

Angel One focused on thoughtful content; crafting a brand identity through trend discovery and repurposing. It communicated brand values and professional expertise.

It also tapped into emerging spaces such as podcasts to gain the first-mover advantage.

It made content marketing the core product marketing strategy for two of their key products - Smart API and Smart Store. Smart API is a free API centre where one can set up their own trading platform with minimum hassle. As of now, it has 60,000+ registered users, 2+ million traded orders, and 500+ million Smart API requests.

The other key property, Smart Store, is a marketplace for FinTech apps curated for all levels of investors by Angel One. The platform helps one learn algorithmic trading.

As per Angel One, the key challenges it faced in coming up with a content strategy include the complexity of the product, the small attention span of the people and making people aware but willing enough to get ahead of the presumed risk associated with the stock market.

The platform worked around it by coming up with a strategy to inspire investors and assure them that the right strategy and knowledge could go a long way in helping them sustain in the market. It also releases content in multiple regional languages to reach out to more and more people across the country and make it easier for them to understand the topic.

It came up with properties such as ‘ShareWale Sharmaji’ in an attempt to make learning about finance and markets fun.

Angel One went for the voice-ready, video-first approach with vernacular content as part of its strategy.

It forayed into audio streaming platforms with Angel Says, a podcast initiative that is distributed across five primary channels, SoundCloud, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Anchor.FM as well as the brand website. Recently it also tied up with Amazon Music and to ensure the podcast reaches the right audience.

They released multiple videos on YouTube for young investors with the aim of making investing concepts easier and more accessible to them.

The FinTech platform decided to deliver its message in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam. As data suggests, vernacular and rural youth are geared to become the largest digital content consumer group in India with more than 60% video consumption.

The content that the platform puts out is tailored to meet the needs of multiple audience groups such as beginners, women investors, traders, and experts and is easy to navigate as well.

The #InvestAndChill campaign it launched has managed to feel the millennial pulse. The campaign sought to speak the language of this demographic, and lean into its lifestyle choices for inspiring it to participate in the stock market.

Angel One’s other key campaigns #ShagunKeShares for Muhurat Trading during Diwali, #EkNayiShuruaat (New Year campaign), #BudgetKaMatlab to simplify Budget announcements, all revolved around reaching out to this target audience.

Trending Blogs, landing pages, etc, brought in organic traffic, while videos spiked the Youtube presence. It has also recently started creating IPO-centric videos, in which they are making trailer videos for getting new users interested, and then detailed informational videos. This combination plus using platforms like Telegram, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube ensures all audiences get targeted.

Campaigns like #InvestAndChill and #ShagunKeShares have created an impact on the company’s bottom line by a 208% increase in brokerage and a 248% growth in orders. Dormant clients were also activated by this campaign which ran during the Diwali season last year and has resulted in 1088% higher brokerage.

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