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Every year, International Women’s Day gives an opportunity to brands to create content campaigns that bring them closer to consumers and help engage with them. This year, we saw a lot of insurance, banking and finance brands jumping on the Women’s Day bandwagon. Occasions like these are highly important as winning consumer trust and building authenticity are the biggest objectives of finance-related brands.

BuzzInContent compiles a list of content-driven Women’s Day campaigns by brands such as Mastercard, ICICI Lombard, Tata Mutual Fund, Acko, IDBI Federal Insurance, DBS Bank and ICICI Prudential.

These brands not just celebrated Women’s Day for the sake of it but also had a strong brand connect, differentiation, relevance and well-thought strategy. These campaigns picked issues like empowerment of women, reducing gender biases and stereotyping of women and equality at all levels.

Tata Mutual Fund’s #TakeCharge campaign

The educative campaign is aimed at encouraging women who straddle multiples roles across home, work and their own goals. Being financially stable and independent is the most critical. Mutual Funds will help them create wealth over the long term.

The campaign showcases an insight that even in 2020, women in India still have men in their lives taking investment decisions on their behalf. So, the basic tenet of the ‘#TakeCharge – Women must invest’ campaign is to encourage and educate women to know more about investing. Listen to all advice but take charge of making investing decisions.

The video:

IDBI Federal Life’s #KnowTheirWorth

The brand has come up with a film, asking seemingly confident and independent women, a very simple yet deeply intriguing question, about their awareness of their true worth. An increasing number of women today contribute towards their families' livelihood and consider themselves independent, capable of taking important decisions on their own and standing up for what is right and wrong. However, when it comes to purchasing life insurance, ironically, many still believe the onus of buying life insurance rests on their husbands or fathers.

Understanding this discrepancy, the video takes viewers through a social experiment under the guise of auditioning women for the brand's International Women's Day film. All the women being interviewed are confident, proud of their personal and professional achievements.

However, when asked if they have Life Insurance, they appear confused, admitting that they either do not own a life policy or that their father or husband already has one. Thus unknowingly indicating that they do not think they need a life insurance policy of their own.

The video amply highlights this aspect of low awareness among women about the importance of life insurance, while urging them to #KnowTheirWorth and secure their future.


 ICICI Lombard’s #ExtraForEquality campaign

 There are many women, who actively choose to defy stereotypes and battle bias. This Women’s Day, ICICI Lombard shares its appreciation for all the women out there who relentlessly #DoTheDifficult by going that extra mile and work a little bit #ExtraForEquality.

An equal world is an empowered world. But, the fight for gender equality is ongoing. Women really need to put in all that they have and then some more to show their worth.  The video content by the brand showcases women from different walks of life, going out of the way in their respective fields to make a mark. A female employee working late to show that her gender does not make her less of a good employee; a small girl studying while doing household chores lest she fails and is made to quit school; a single mother who has to add up to playing the role of a father; and an achiever who refuses to celebrate for the fear of being tagged ambitious. The video beautifully urges these women to promise to take extra care of themselves as they need to buckle down. Like everything else, taking care of self, too, can’t wait.


DBS Bank’s video with Sachin Tendulkar

Real stories shared by influencers and celebrities bring authenticity to the conversations. In a Women’s Day initiative, Sachin Tendulkar took to Twitter to share a heart-warming video. Reminiscing about his childhood and early days in the sport, Tendulkar candidly spoke about attributing his success to five women— his mother, aunt, wife, mother-in-law and daughter.

He opens up about his relationship with his mother in the video and talked about how she always looked after him and his health. Speaking about his aunt, Tendulkar reminisced about the time he moved into her home, as it was closer to the cricket field. He thanked his wife Anjali and her parents for supporting his decisions on and off the field. Lastly, he spoke about how he is proud of his daughter Sara for turning into a wonderful young woman and staying true to her roots.

Here’s the tweet:

Mastercard campaign #OnYourOwmTerms

 With a message to celebrate the spirit of womanhood and encouraging women to live life the way they want to, Mastercard in partnership with CitiBank had Indian cricketer Mithali Raj wear a traditional Indian sari along with cricket accessories while playing cricket. This was to break stereotypes and to congratulate the Indian cricket team ahead of Women’s Day for reaching the T20 World cup finals.

The video depicted the fact that one can do anything they want to, including playing cricket in a saree.

In a day’s time, the campaign received an overwhelming response with over 35 million impressions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The number of video views on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter crossed one million views and the engagement rate on Facebook went up to 30%.

The tweet:

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ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund’s #SheCanInvests

As a part of their investor education initiatives, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund recently launched its digital campaign ‘#SheCanSheInvests’ to celebrate women and their journey towards financial independence. Marking the occasion of International Women’s Day 2020, the campaign looks to help women change their money story and aspire to be financially independent.

Taking a quirky approach to the serious subject of investing, the campaign celebrates the modern ‘Nari’, who are independent and working hard to realise their dreams and aspirations. The brand believes women have been great savers and the logical next step is to begin their investment journeys, with the aim of creating long term wealth.

‘Experience Commerce agency for digital business’ crafted the campaign choosing to take a detour from the usual narrative around women empowerment. The agency recognises that times have changed and scripted a song to celebrate the modern Indian Nari and their financial prowess.

The video:

Acko’s # BlindDateWithAcko

Acko General Insurance has launched an initiative #BlindDateWithAcko to break gender stereotypes associated with driving. Acko’s digital campaign challenges the commonly held stereotype that women are poor drivers and aims to convey that gender has no implication on driving ability. Acko’s belief that driving capabilities are not defined by gender but by one's ability to handle the vehicle safely on the roads.

The campaign opens with a teaser showcasing a vox pop, asking both men and women who are better drivers, men or women? The responses highlight how women are stereotyped as bad drivers and play up people's biases towards women drivers.

The participants were asked to go on a drive with Acko but they did not know who was driving as they were blindfolded for the ride. On reaching the destination they were asked to identify the person they thought drove them. Not surprisingly, most of the participants judged women drivers unfairly. Revealing the actual drivers made them realise how they had been biased and judgemental towards women drivers.

Here’s a look at the teaser:

And the film: