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When the Covid-19 pandemic struck its first blow in 2020, the new normal turned the spotlight on Leadership. TV9 Network partnered with SAP India to bring such leaders of home-grown businesses to the forefront who were the harbingers of hope in these troubled times through the show ‘Leaders of Global Bharat’.

Case Study:

The campaign which brought the spotlight on entrepreneurial leaders ran from September 2020 to January 2021.

These leaders personified job-creation, aligned with the larger government vision of revolutionising the entrepreneurial mindset in India. Having built businesses that have survived many ups and downs, they were the heroes India looks up to. Their success and their Dare-to-Dream journey had the potential to galvanise and inspire youth of this country and many budding entrepreneurs.

The idea was simple, at a time when the world was grappling with extraordinary challenges, the stories of these business persons brought a ray of hope to many businesses struggling to stay afloat.

It was the simplicity of idea that the business owners appreciated – a simple act of giving colour and life to the dull and drab world of business – to weave inspirational narratives around India’s homegrown businesses so that emerging entrepreneurs could draw inspiration and look with hope in challenging times.

The stories of grit and determination were told in simple narrative style in episodes curated on TV9 Bharatvarsh. Simple storytelling in layman’s language, devoid of jargons, formed the core of this initiative.

TV9 Networks script-to-screen video production, creative services and team of media professionals were able to highlight these stories of grit and determination for emerging and existing entrepreneurs along with sharing narratives of hope, resilience, innovation and inspiration.

A simple on-air rendition of stories extraordinaire, the dare-to-dream journeys of these business leaders in a lucid but impactful style. Use of graphs, facts and figures, reimagination through use of AR/VR added to the impact.

While TV9 Network is a general news network, the content around ‘Leaders of Global Bharat’ was primarily dealing with businesses.

The simple storytelling focusing on the life journeys of business people did the task for the network. In an experimental fashion in the Hindi news genre business stories were given a general news flavour.

The media distribution for this was pan-India through broadcasting and digital platforms. SAP India wanted to reach out to the audience base of TV9 Network in India and across platforms. While episodes were aired on the channel, the accompanying webisodes and virtual roundtables were carried on our digital platforms.

With over 150 business leaders interviewed and top policymakers being made a part of the series, including the Union Minister for MSMEs, the series created a buzz among the real stakeholders of the ecosystem. The biggest measure of performance was the creation of advocacy by more than 150 business leaders of homegrown businesses for building an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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