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In an era where digital influencers are no longer satisfied with just endorsing brands for financial gain, a notable shift has emerged within the creator community. Many are venturing into personal branding, recognising the present as an opportune moment to secure a more stable monetisation channel.

Numerous content creators say that today they find themselves navigating an increasingly competitive landscape within the creator economy. Moreover, the emergence of diverse niches has created a need for individual creators to distinguish themselves in this crowded field. In doing so, they can tap into fresh avenues for monetisation, and many influencers believe that there's no better way to achieve this than by establishing their own unique brand.

In recent times, a growing number of digital content creators have ventured into building their personal brands in addition to their ongoing social media content creation.

This trend has seen influencers like Malvika Sitlani introducing Masic Beauty, Vishnu Kaushik launching Peach by Vishnu, Parul Gulati establishing her brand, Nish Hair, Himadri Patel coming up with DRI by Himadri and Simran Balar Jain introducing Unbound. Furthermore, several other creators are currently in the early stages of planning to introduce their own personal brands in the near future.

In a conversation with BuzzInContent, content creators shared their insights on the increasing importance of establishing their own brand and harnessing their social media community, cultivated through content creation, to strengthen their personal brand presence.

Ishita Khanna

Ishita Khanna, a grooming and lifestyle content creator, believes that creating an additional income stream is crucial, especially when a creator has a dedicated and loyal audience.

“Leveraging your community's support to develop a product or offering what they would value is a strategic move. Not every creator needs to establish a brand. It's a choice based on individual interests and opportunities. Monetisation options include workshops, courses and knowledge sharing, aside from traditional product-based branding ventures,” she added.

Simran Balar Jain

Similarly, sex-ed content creator, Simran Balar Jain highlighted that a robust community aids a creator in establishing a distinct personal brand.

"Around two months ago, I initiated my own brand named Unbound, focusing on sexual hygiene and wellness. Remarkably, I quickly garnered 20,000 followers for this brand at that time. This is the influence of effective community-building," Jain said.

Meanwhile, lifestyle content creator, Himadri Patel, emphasised the uncertain nature of income that comes from content creation while underscoring the undeniable importance of having a passive income.

Recent developments on TikTok serve as a stark reminder of the unpredictability inherent in social media platforms, Patel pointed out.

Himadri Patel

“It's impossible to foresee what the future holds. This is why I embarked on establishing my own brand DRI by Himadri, although it's still in its infancy. My goal is for it to mature into a reliable source of income within the next two to three years. This will provide a safety net in case the social media industry faces any unforeseen challenges. This is the valuable lesson I have learned from my experiences,” Patel said.

"I launched my own brand just under a year ago, and I must admit, it's quite a challenge. But that's what makes it enjoyable. The thrill of constantly learning something new every day and tackling obstacles is the real fun of this journey. When you are dealing with challenges, you don't always get a peaceful night's sleep but that's perfectly fine because it's all part of the adventure," she added.

Vijay Nihalchandani

Infotainment content creator, Vijay Nihalchandani, highlighted that it is important to avoid relying solely on brands for monetisation, as their stability can't be guaranteed.

“Instead, content creators should prioritise building their own products. Take MrBeast, for example, the biggest YouTube channel globally. He focuses on personal branding and has created his own products, like MrBeast burgers, to achieve successful monetisation,” he added.