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Hershey India has launched a new web series, ‘Hershey’s Presents Meethe Bahane’, by joining hands with celebrity chef Ranveer Brar to make everyday dishes more interesting by using Hershey’s range of products.

The web series will showcase sweet and naughty ‘bahanas’ that kids come up with to wriggle out of their routine, everyday food. Parents and the chef will re-create food recipes by adding a delicious twist using Hershey’s range of products.

Commenting on the association, Brar said, “I truly believe Hershey’s range of products, especially Hershey’s Syrups, is versatile and can be used in multiple ways across sweet and savoury recipes. As a chef, I use Hershey’s products often to give routine food a delicious twist.”

He added, “Kids these days come up with creative ‘bahanas’, as they seek variety in food and get bored of eating everyday dishes like paratha, idli, oats, etc. My son, too, had some unique excuses only because there are days when he does not find the regular snacks exciting, prompting me to come up with creative ways to spruce up the snacks. Children tend to get excited about a meal if it is presented to them in an attractive manner, and with ‘Hershey’s Presents Meethe Bahane’, I intend to make mealtimes fun for kids and parents alike.”

Sarosh Shetty, Marketing Director, Hershey India, said, “We want our loyal consumers to know of the versatility of Hershey’s range of delightful products and how they could simply add a delicious twist to their everyday dishes. The insight behind the campaign is that children come up with sweet and naughty excuses, to avoid eating everyday food. This is where chef Ranveer steps in and co-creates delicious dishes with parents and of course, Hershey’s products. We look forward to an exciting association with Ranveer, and to helping parents achieve their goal of making everyday food even more exciting for their loved ones.”

The web series ‘Hershey’s Presents Meethe Bahane’ will be hosted on Hershey’s India YouTube Channel. The first recipe was uploaded on July 13. Starting August, Hershey’s Syrups bottles will carry a recipe booklet containing Hershey’s recipes that one could create for loved ones at home.

The Episodes:

Superhero Paratha:

Emoji Idli -

Makhana Jelly Bhel: