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HomeFirst, a leading player in the affordable housing space, has collaborated with Disney+Hotstar’s Special, ‘Home Shanti’ - a light-hearted take on the “Joshi Parivaar’s” home building journey.

Sitcomish, relatable and grounded storytelling, perfect for a weekend family binge, ‘Home Shanti’ is the story of Dehradun-based Joshi family consisting of the easygoing, poet dad Umesh Joshi played by veteran actor Manoj Pahwa, disciplinarian Vice-Principal Sarla Joshi brought to life by Supriya Pathak, and their children Jigyasa and Naman who have their own priorities.

As the Joshi Parivaar navigates through the various obstacles in their path to construct their dream home, their internal ties and squabbles make room for some playfulness and humor.

As the legendary Amitabh Bachchan movie announced in the 70s, having your own “makaan” is as much of a necessity as food and clothing. As home building proves to be a roller coaster ride of highs and lows and joys and sorrows for most middle-income households, realising this dream is truly an “arrived in life” moment for them.

Chief Marketing Officer of HomeFirst, Gaurav Mohta, said, “Buying a home for the first time is difficult. Building it on your own, just takes that difficulty to a whole new level! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But this once in a lifetime journey of home building for most middle-class Indian families is nothing short of a family saga. Such a talented star-cast portraying this story also makes it a great light-hearted watch. Home Shanti is a complete family drama that will crack you up and yet have the heart to move you every now and then. The moment I saw the trailer, I knew that it resonates with the brand HomeFirst and would be a perfect fit for any collaboration opportunities. Thankfully Hotstar felt the same and were pretty quick to make some space for us. In times of complex murder mysteries and thrillers, this simple, linear story telling will remind you of the 80’s summer sitcoms and I am glad to see that the audience get thoroughly entertained.”