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A multi-format content platform dedicated to investor education for BFSI brands was recently enabled by Hotstuff Media Group in the form of Tattva  — an edutech and business consulting company. Through a world of knowledge, content and engagements, the company aims to connect business leaders, experts and professionals; and transform individuals into institutions.

“To date, my associations in the business world allowed me the privilege to work closely with corporate teams, channel partners, distributors and advisor fraternities. While we continued to raise the bar on the creative front, I came to empathise with pain areas such as demand for true professional learning, strategic channel management and effective implementation of strategic initiatives on the field. It was to address these pain areas and find a solution to rectify them that Tattva was brought into existence,” said Arun Fernandes, Founder and CEO.

Tattva, the brainchild of Fernandes, was inspired by the thought that the only way to solve any problem is with the right people. “Be it business enablers or distribution channels, everyone is a key to stability and continuity of a business. The key lies in engaging, managing and developing them to aid outcomes,” explained the CEO. Under this new venture, the pain areas will be addressed by upskilling and inspiring the human resource that drives the industry, he added.

The increasing awareness of digitalisation has led the BFSI sector to grow on digital platforms. Several studies have stated that 520 mn Indians consume content on their smartphone. “Now that there is quite good awareness on digitalisation, awareness on other things is also necessary. Financial awareness is the need of the hour and we, at Tattva, seek to give it a more likeable appeal with content that is fresh, relatable, infotaining and, most importantly universal, through digital platforms,” said Terence D’Souza, Director, Research and Content.

Tattva is headed by a core team of veterans from the media and BFSI world who have worked on award-winning campaigns for over two decades. With over a decade's worth of hosting 100+ events around the world, Tattva curates digital events and shows for the BFSI sector. So far, Tattva has created nearly nine original shows with 42 episodes lined up to go live between April and June.

Some of the programmes started by the company include their original shows — Tattva Talks, Pro Edge, Mindspace and Wealth Veda — running live on their platforms, which offer a chance to be seen by and connect with investors from across India. While TattvaTalks brings together a panel from the financial industry along with business leaders and influencers from other sectors to discuss topics and curate learnings through conversations, ProEdge provides new management lessons and strategies. The dire need to address mental health and create awareness on it in the corporate sector led to the TattvaMindSpace programme. Meanwhile, Wealth Veda is a weekly programme that features a panel of financial experts who use simple stories, examples, and conversations to educate investors. To cater to the youth of the society and make learning finances an entertaining affair, Tattva composes songs on investor education. Two such songs have already earned recognition digitally.

With TattvaWorld, the BFSI sector is set to get a platform of knowledge dissemination that releases curated content, articles, videos, animations, films and more; to the massive universe of business professionals, leaders and advisors across digital India.