How Baby Dove and Momspresso changed 'baby care' narrative by bringing dads to the forefront

While mothers are ‘naturally programmed' to bond with babies, the thought behind the initiative was to build the importance of active involvement of fathers and make them part of the bonding journey

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It is a surprising fact that many fathers feel left out of the bonding process during the all-important first year of a baby’s life. One of the reasons for this is the way our society portrays mothers; they are described as better suited to look after children.

Momspresso and Baby Dove devised a campaign, ‘Date with dad’, with an objective to make fathers a significant part of the parenting journey right from the very beginning. While mothers are ‘naturally programmed’ to bond with babies, the thought behind the initiative was to change the narrative and build the importance of active involvement of fathers to make them as drawn in towards the bonding journey.

A two-phased campaign was rolled out to engage with the audiences.

Phase 1: On-ground event

A fun event, ‘Baby Dove date with dad’, was planned to create opportunities for quality family time for dads to bond with their babies. The event, which was full of fun, learning and exploration, was attended by over 15 families. It gave an opportunity to dads to bond with their babies through various play activities that were planned, along with an insightful session with an expert psychologist who emphasised the importance of father's role in the baby care journey.

Phase 2: Online amplification

Momspresso created nearly 20 creative pieces of content using articles, short videos and FB live sessions and social amplification in English and Hindi to engage consumers across social platforms and seed the message effectively, reaching 7.6 million moms across the country.

  1. Micro-site: A repertoire of all content generated as a part of this campaign 
  2. Articles by mom bloggers: Moms shared their experiences of the event through articles that were promoted through various social media channels.


  1. Micro video content: A series of 10 short videos were created with fathers at the meet, gauging their experiences and the role they play in the parenting journey. Many interesting snippets such as best dad-baby moments, when men first became dads, who knows the baby better were captured.

  1. Live sessions from the event: Live sessions were conducted at the event to create a real-time amplification of the activities and reach out to a larger set of moms who attended the expert session online.
  2. Amplification by influencers: Mom influencers attending the event promoted the same across their personal handles, reaching out to their set of followers.

Objectives versus results

The objective was to position the brand in a territory unexplored by any other baby care brand for building brand awareness and consideration and thus, the route opted for was with fathers. The campaign resonated with the target audience.

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Baby Dove and Momspresso changed 'baby care'