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All marketers try to ride a trend and integrate their brand in relevant social posts. This World Cup season, BharatMatrimony tried creating some quirky and creative contextual social media posts to fetch further consumer attention and love.

Riding on a buzz or trend is contextualising social posts about something of interest happening right now. It’s about connecting to the audience creatively with an interesting experience.

From idea to execution, it was all done by BharatMatrimony’s internal social media team. They organically leveraged platforms, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

They took a three-pronged approach:

1. Creatively post on interesting moments in the match

2. Blend relationships and cricket

3. Leverage cricketing terms

“Like a surfer trying to identify and reach the peak of a wave to ride it, we’re constantly looking at trends to ride on. Some like the Cricket World Cup offer plenty of opportunities, while micro moments every day offer interesting opportunities too. As a brand, we look for opportunities to spark or add to a conversation. We look for trends that fit perfectly with BharatMatrimony and launch before the trend goes stale,” said Rajasekar KS, GM, Marketing at