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Authenticity is the key to unlocking the door to the hearts of consumers. Today, consumers want more real conversations than fancy, feel-good fictional ads. While influencer marketing brings scale and credibility to the brand, partnering with the right content platform and influencer adds value to the whole authenticity play.

Most recently, Pampers India associated with Mahi Vij and Humans of Bombay to promote their new campaign to celebrate World Prematurity Day called #PampersForPreemies.

Vij is a mother of three children, of which Tara was born premature, so an influencer like her with a huge following base suits the campaign perfectly.

Mahi Vij’s post:

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On the other hand, Humans of Bombay is a team of storytellers who concentrate on the journey of individuals, showing that each and every person is unique, inspirational and relatable. The platform has built a community of over 2.29 million people who believe in the power of humanity. The woman who got featured on Humans of Bombay also shared her experience with her premature son.

Humans of Bombay’s post:

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These two collaborations have really worked for the brand because the story shared by Vij is her real story and Humans of Bombay is known to produce beautiful narratives around the lives of individuals. Such content has the power to influence the community at the emotional level, which helps in building brand love.

Through the campaign, the brand salutes the parents of premature babies and stands by them as their ally. As part of the campaign #PampersForPreemies, the brand will donate one diaper specially designed for preemie babies for every pledge they receive via the link mentioned in the bios of Humans of Bombay and Mahi Vij Instagram pages.

As evident from the Sheeko’s activity graph, Pampers India has been quite active on digital platforms in the past one year, but after coming up with this campaign, there has been a significant rise in their numbers.

According to the data shared by the content marketing agency Sheeko, the campaign was able to garner over 15 lakh eyeballs in a media value pegged around Rs 10 lakh.