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As brands change their communication strategy from a functional level to social and now purpose-driven, embarking on the content marketing route has become need of the hour.

MG Motor is one such brand that choses to talk about social issues. In one such content initiative, #MGChangemakers, it showed six women in a positive light before launching its products in India.The brand chose various change-makers from different corners of India to weave its content piece.

Talking to, Pallavi Singh, Head of Marketing, MG Motor India, shared the importance of content marketing and how brands can drive change through content.

Before #MGChangemakers, MG Motor launched ‘Life at MG Motor India’ and ‘Stories of MG’ to create a buzz. While some brands fail to maintain their content funnel and leave their audience in the middle, MG Motor believes in sustaining the content and taking its consumers through the funnel by using the five principles.

“At MG, we are really big believers of creating content, distributing in a right way, and then sustaining it. Before MG Changemakers, we had launched something called stories of MG and we had five customers from different backgrounds, different states telling their passion for MG because MG has been here since the ’50s and ’60s. So, content is very important,” said Singh.

Pallavi Singh

“I think one must tell more stories. If each one of us as a brand takes this responsibility that we can tell stories of unsung heroes that will truly help. At least we are making that one drop in the ocean which then fills the ocean, drop by drop. Then each brand can say that at least we are contributing in a larger way of telling stories of such amazing people,” said Singh.


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