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Time and time, the human civilisation has proved the importance of relevance. Today, an internet user wants to consume all the content out there in the world but “all” concerning what s/he can relate to. Quality, undoubtedly, is a subjective aspect which will change with a different person, every time. There are standards set in the industry which help us analyse the quality of a product. Thereby, in the world of content, if there is a rise in shareability seen, more number of people are engaging with the content, and the growth of the above factors always points north – then, the content created is called quality.

Also, a couple of factors such as traffic acquired and time spent on page, together, are a sign of quality content.

Talking about its effects on organic distribution, here are a few pointers to give you a better understanding:

1. Its exponential

Imagine you happen to read a content piece which talks about your hostel days or the pranks you pulled in college times. What’s the first instinct? Share it with your roommate/batch mate and talk about the good old times you people shared together. Similar kinds of content which people love to talk about often becomes the reason why social media is triggered, and content pieces hit the trending shelf.

2. Subscribers

You don’t visit an entertainment website for knowing what happened in the recent parliament’s session and vice versa. Retention is another metric which helps you determine the quality of your content, and when people are eager to consume your next piece of material before you publish it, they’ve subscribed to your platform or website and be the first ones to read it. This leads to a lot of benefits such as word-of-mouth-publicity; enhanced brand image and stronger brand connect.

3. Updates

Technological disruptions keep accelerating at a higher pace, and there’s no stopping to it. US adults spent 5.9 hours per day on digital media in 2017, up from 5.6 hours the year before. Some 3.3 of those hours were spent on mobile, which is responsible for the overall growth in digital media consumption. This means, once a notification is pushed through an application, people who made the application as their preferred choice get the chance to enjoy another great piece of content. One of the many reasons why websites see a hike in their website traffic just after a notification is pushed is the quality content being delivered and the traction gained from organic distribution.

4. Creating user-centric content

Kids fancy fast cars, tech enthusiasts carry an insatiable urge of staying up-to-date with latest products and updates; the youth is mad about what their favourite celebrity is wearing and especially “What’s trending?”; this states the importance of content segregation and how niche content is the next quality standard. So, if you keep your brand advocates updated with content catering their interests around political, sports, entertainment, lifestyle et al., organic distribution is bound to rise through social media communities carrying similar interests.

5. Packaging is important

Almost 700 million tweets are made in a day, 5.5 Bn+ search queries are made on Google, people watch 6 Bn+ videos on YouTube only – a minuscule picture which shows the pace at which data is being consumed these days. And, what does that tell you? Never forget the 80-20 rule when it comes to quality content and its effects on organic content distribution. The channels you use, the media formats you adopt, and the target audience you consider will always bring a drastic difference in organic growth than the 20% efforts which will be put in creating the matter.

Never keep it hollow, however.

Writing a catchy headline or designing a clickable thumbnail grabs a lot of eyeballs, inevitably, yet does not serve the purpose. It might hamper all the prospects if the consumer doesn’t find anything worth consuming. For example, let’s put it under the purview of Search Engine Optimisation, with the help of a highly optimised title one can get ranked on Google but if the potential customer doesn't get anything useful out of it, then the efforts go in vain, along with the image too.

Lastly, to have a positive impact on the organic distribution from a quality content piece, consistency and creativity must never vanish from the canvas.

Therefore, choose the platform wisely, create the content keeping the audience in mind, and craft the masterpiece which outshines the rest – organically.

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