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This video series, conceptualised and executed by ScoopWhoop for the condom brand Durex, got people talking about their funniest condom stories.

Sex in India is taboo. Most of us are too shy or too embarrassed to talk about it. We think, “Log kya sochenge?” Well, that’s India for you.  A country where sex is a dirty word and having a conversation about it is directly challenging the culture of our country. This even as we all know that erotica and architectural brilliance are intertwined in many timeless wonders of the country such as the Khajuraho temples. 

The real problem is nobody wants to be seen talking about sex. Everyone has fantasies that run wild but refrain from talking about it. The solution was in the problem itself – ScoopWhoop and Durex present, Anonymously Yours.

ScoopWhoop created a platform where people can tell their funny quirky condom stories, without the fear of being judged. The videos gave a quirky take on how buying a condom is such an integral part of sex and it did two things.

Objectives fulfilled:

1) Encouraged a fun playful conversation about sex

2) Help drive awareness about Durex as a brand

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