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Fabindia’s campaign #IndigoGram revolved around the promotion of the Indigo collection under the umbrella communication of #NotJustAnyIndigo, a collection that is bold, raw and authentic, unlike the screen printed alternates.

The #IndigoGram photography contest aimed to take the users beyond the conventional collection communications and promote the idea of Indigo, have them share their perspective/take on the same creating a social media property that can be leveraged YoY for the recurring Indigo collection as the art is an essential part of Fabindia’s collections.

The objective:

  • Drive awareness about the collection and increase Fabindia’s digital share-of-voice (SOV)
  • Enhance digital user sentiments about the brand and establish the collection with a positive sentiment
  • Earn user generated content (UGC) around Indigo collection
  • Drive the story of Indigo dying, the art facing competition from its machine printed alternatives

The strategy

Prior to the start of the campaign, following are the insights that helped Fabindia devise a strategic approach for the campaign:

  • The audience is currently unaware about the Indigo art, and often take screen printed alternates as the real Indigo
  • The brand has been in the market for more than 60 years, but is facing a stiff competition from other comparatively new and home grown brands for digital share-of-voice
  • Since digital domain depend substantially on user sentiment and content, it is vital to encourage the audience to not only generate content but also turn them into brand advocates

The execution

Basis the above insights #IndigoGram UGC campaign targeting pan-audience were executed :

  • #IndigoGram UGC Campaign- Fabindia asked Instagram users to find inspirations and click photographs from the elements of nature or any candid moments; anything that takes them a step closer to Indigo, something that they feel is real indigo, and something that is #NotJustAnyIndigo by using #IndigoGram for entry submission. The brand got an overwhelming response from the users and even influencers participated in the UGC – driven campaign. #IndigoGram is now one of the most frequently used hashtag on Instagram whenever an element of Indigo is present in the picture

Instagram Preview:

The result

The success of the campaign was attributed basis the result of the activities that helped achieve the defined campaign objectives. Below are the results we achieved against each objective:

  • Drive awareness about the collection and increase Fabindia’s Digital share-of-voice (SOV) - From 15% SOV in March – April , Fabindia’s Social media SOV increased to 23% during May and June
  • Enhance digital user sentiments and drive a purchase impulse : During the campaign duration there was a 15% uplift in positive brand sentiment on social media
  • Earn user generated content (UGC) around Indigo collection : For the #IndigoGram photography contest, Fabindia received 569 entries generating 9.7 million reach of contest hashtag on Instagram.

Disclaimer: The data related to the performance of the campaign has been claimed by brand/agency/platform/creator. has not verified the authenticity of the data and hence is not responsible for any counter claim by any other party

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