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Fortune Foods strongly believes in the thought that ‘Ghar ka Khana, Ghar ka khana hota hai (there is no food as good as home-cooked food)’. Extending this thought to digital, Fortune Foods chose to provide correct techniques embedded in the recipes to enable home chefs to make ‘Ghar Ka Khana, #GoodToGreat’.

With a plethora of recipes available with so many YouTube channels and websites talking about alternatives, tips and hacks on how to make restaurant-style dishes at home, Fortune Foods wanted to add value to consumers beyond recipes and hacks by translating the brand thought into an interactive platform.

The brand observed that though cookery shows, blogs and channels provide ample recipes based on different tastes and preferences; none are solving problems that consumers face while cooking the dish in their kitchens. Fortune Food’s idea was to provide a platform where people can learn a new dish, learn hacks to perfect a dish from celebrity chefs and interact with them, all in real-time.

Unlike other recipe shows/channels, the brand’s primary goal was not to teach new recipes but to resolve doubts that an audience might have while cooking a new cuisine/dish. Therefore, Fortune went live on Facebook where celebrity chefs Ajay Chopra and Vicky Ratnani interacted with the live audience, shared their tips and solved kitchen queries. All of this to make Sunday’s ‘Ghar Ka Khana Good to Great’.

Building interaction and engagement on Facebook

The campaign was devised such that Facebook was the best choice to optimally execute the campaign. While Facebook Live was the main event and helped in building an interactive platform, other features like Carousel, Polls and Watch Party helped them increase the brand’s engagement fourfold.

Constructing a new format for recipe show

Fortune Masterclass Live, each episode was based on a theme led by the product that was being sponsored. The focus was on solving problems (eg. Making soya yummy for kids) and teaching right techniques (eg. How to give dum for Biryani at home). While the host acted as the voice of the live audience, the chef shared valuable tips and techniques to perfect a dish and answered questions. The brand went live for two seasons – each season comprising four episodes. Facebook Live allowed Fortune Foods to improvise as it went ahead with each episode as well as when ‘live’. 

Optimising Facebook features for engagement

Pre-live awareness and engagement: The event featured on the Fortune Foods Facebook page and a callout post (carousels and motion formats) was used to introduce the dish and concept of the show to create awareness. Before the live, the push notification feature was used to send reminders to the audience to participate in it.

Engagement during live: To fill the waiting time between food preparation and cooking, the brand hosted quizzes where the chef proposed a question and the audience had to leave comments. Polls were conducted using the live feature, where the audience could vote live. The aston bands and supers supplemented the engagement as well as highlighted key tips and techniques.

The Watch Party feature helped Fortune Foods increase its reach as the audience shared the Masterclass with their friends.

Post-live engagement: Small bytes were created of the last episode and callout posts were used to tell people what is in store for them in the next episode to keep the excitement high.

Campaign and media scheduling for impact

Fortune Foods observed that most of its audience looks forward to cooking something special over the weekends, especially on a Sunday; since all the family members are home. The planning for the same begins post-Friday evening. Hence the most logical step for the brand to go live on a Saturday morning to help the home chefs with some Sunday special recipes and techniques was apt. The brand chose to go live at 10:30 am, which is when most women are free from morning household chores and are active on the Facebook page.

The second season was launched before Diwali to give out some techniques to add perfection to Diwali celebrations. At the end of the season, Fortune Foods created a highlight video to engage with the audience and target the same audience that engaged the brand in this campaign.

Each episode was a learning experience when it comes to understanding audience behaviour on the Facebook platform. This helped the brand optimise each feature.

The result

The total views summed up to more than 600K from both the seasons, with the highest peak concurrent views reaching 1,960 in the first season and a 2.9K in the second season. The absolute engagement total was more than one million across seasons. Both the seasons together recorded a reach of 6.2+ million and 6.5+ million impressions.

Brand love and audience delight

People engaged with the poll feature. They shared their views, left comments for the brand and recommended dishes that they would like to learn from the chefs. But the real success was recorded when people expressed love for the format and the brand. Some home chefs spoke highly of the format while some came back to each episode to learn something new.

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