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Diwali is a significant occasion for Fortune Foods as a food brand—a time when homemakers express their love with home-cooked delicious platters of sweets and snacks to add to the joyous occasion. Yet, somehow, the limelight gets stolen by lights, rangolis and diyas. The objective of the campaign was to bring food to the forefront in its audience's Diwali celebrations.

Challenge: The challenge was to first get the attention of the audience at an occasion wherein every brand is striving for the limelight. And, then to arouse their interest to engage with the brand during Diwali.

Idea: Fortune Foods wanted to acknowledge the homemakers' earnest effort and tell them that Diwali is incomplete without their mouth-watering snacks and sweets. It wanted to give the food the 'limelight' it deserved. Therefore, the brand created a platform for its target audience to have fun with food, by making a virtual rangoli with delicious branded food stickers. The brand tickled the user’s creativity and encouraged them to go wild with their imagination on their Instagram story.

Execution: Platform and influencer game

The young audience is most active on Instagram and is more likely to share food-related content than on other platforms. Hence, Fortune Foods asked its TG to create their own plate of food rangoli on their Insta Story and share it with the brand.

Mechanism: The audience had to take a screenshot of branded ‘blank rangoli thali’ on the Fortune Foods Insta Story. Create their own ‘rangoli thali’ Story and search for Fortune Foods stickers/GIFs. Once they were happy with their artwork, they just had to tag the brand and hit the share button.

Branded stickers: The brand created a total of 45 stickers, which included branded GIFs, branded messages all related to sweets and snacks.

Influencers amplified the ‘Har Plate Rangoli’ Contest and even shared their own Rangoli creation with the brand. 12 content creators, including names like Kusha Kapila, Srishti Dixit, Shagun Raizada of My Food Project and others, set the context of the campaign and even displayed a few hacks on how to make a food rangoli on Insta Story.

Malhar and Diksha (Gujarati Stars) followed suit and shared their own food rangoli and asked people to vote on who made a better rangoli and asked to share their followers to share food rangoli too.

The Results: The brand received more than 350 rangoli entries and 12 lakh+ GIF views. Some shared multiple entries and took it as an art challenge. The real success of the campaign was when users DMed Fortune, saying how they loved and enjoyed making food rangolis. The brand even noticed micro-influencers joined in as they genuinely liked the campaign and talked about it on their story.

During the two-week campaign period, Fortune Foods recorded a reach of 22 lakh, 28 lakh impressions and a total engagement of 5.1 lakh+, respectively. The brand’s profile visits went up to 14K profiles in just a week’s time. The influencer activity was successful in creating impact and awareness. 2.3K sticker taps were recorded from the influencer’s stories, i.e., users who clicked on #FortuneFoods or #HarPlateMeinRangoli. The campaign was successful in building relevance with the younger audience and made them crave for delicious sweets.

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