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As India began travelling again following the relaxation in lockdown restrictions, Oyo wanted travellers to know about their earnest commitment to ensuring a safe, worry-free getaway.

Oyo’s internal research revealed that ‘safety and sanitization’ were the top priorities for potential travellers. To address that need and instil trust in their brand, Oyo launched two key campaigns: ‘Contactless Check-in’ and ‘Sanitised Before Your Eyes’.

Given Oyo’s pan-India presence, they wanted a pan-India reach and the ability to tap into their target audience, i.e. youth between the ages of 20 and 34. That’s where HT Media’s integrated marketing solutions came into play.

With the multi-channel contactless check-in campaign executed across HT Media properties:

  • Oyo observed a significant uplift in brand perception with 65% of the respondents who saw the ad and recalled the brand positively associating the brand across key parameters, vs 34% of respondents who didn't see the campaign.
  • A total of 75% of respondents recalled seeing either of the ads.
  • 55% of respondents recalled Oyo branding in either ad.
  • Readers who saw the ads on HT Media positively associate brands across key parameters like high safety standards, hygiene, proper sanitization, etc. significantly more than those who did not see the ads.

Mayur Hola, Head of Global Brand, Oyo Hotels and Homes, said, “Trust and love are like chai and biscuit (biscoot sounds better). The Sanitised Before Your Eyes initiative is a brand trust exercise that walks the talk by disinfecting the room in front of a guest's eyes. Our consumers asked this of us in the recent Project Hello we conducted, where we all called and spoke 1:1 to folks to understand their needs today. And we're happy to make it happen. As India hits the road, we're ensuring Sanitised Stays for our guests, so that they can focus on having a blast, while we focus on taking care of them.”

He added, “Sonu's not just a celeb for us, I mean he is. But he is already one of us, an asset owner. His unparalleled contributions to society are just so amazing. Big respect! The fact that he is one of our partners fills us with so much pride. Now he doesn’t just speak for us, he is Oyo.”

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