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One thing special about denim is that it can become anything to anybody. The myth of denim is anchored in personal identity. That’s what ‘The Real Denim’ means. India’s first indigenously manufactured denim label Numero Uno’s approach is to own this very core of denim and speak to the ‘I’ in every ‘Den’I’m’ wearer, the ones who own their quirks and idiosyncrasies. In fact, ‘I’m’ is an inseparable part of denim. 

Denim has always called on the ‘rebel’ spirit of youth who have dared to challenge the status quo, questioned the dogma and believed in forming own beliefs. Numero Uno has extended its new campaign ‘Den I’m’, unboxing such four musicians who refuse to be labelled by society.

Numero Uno unboxes Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, a Jazz musician who refuses to be a certain type. A young jazz musician trained in classical music, she doesn’t believe in genres of music. She says, “Genres belong to a library. They are not of any use to me. My emotions, my music, my art, they are a part of me. And I am like no other. If you are still thinking going out of the box is daring – ‘Den I’m”.

Don’t tell your story to the world is what we’ve been grown up listening to but Saby Singh is different. He isn’t afraid of telling his story to people. He’s open, he’s honest and expressive. He wants people to relate to his experiences and learn from his stories. Hence, the brand unboxes another real artist, a songwriter and a singer Singh, who says, “If being open book for my art is stupid, ‘Den I’m’’.

Sometimes the answer to our questions lies within us. Numero Uno identifies one such artist whose questions have led him to evolve and grow better. This guitarist’s life has been inspired by the questions he has asked himself. He is Dhruv Vishwanath, another real artist who says, “If questioning my art to create a legacy was crazy. ‘Den I’m’’.

Samar Mehdi is a musical prodigy who broke the internet with his captivating lyrics and complex fingerstyle guitars. For this very reason, this interesting lyrical musician has become one of the faces for Numero Uno’s #UnboxingArtists.

From being labelled to being open and aggressively asking questions to finding answers in complexities, we all inhibit different personalities and refuse to be categorised by people. We are rebel and revolutionary.

Asha Esther Jaikishan, Marketing Head, said, When we were planning our ‘Den I’m’ campaign, we felt we wanted to explore the music scene to spread the message since denim and music have a connect since the beginning.”

Link to the videos:

- Sanjeeta

- Saby singh

- Dhruv vaswanath

- Samar Mehdi