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In their zeal to reach out to consumers, brands are often all over the place on digital with their communication. But similar stuff on multiple social media windows can put off consumers. Good communication is one that is both engaging and can pull business for brands, says Gopa Kumar, COO, Isobar India.

Gopa Kumar

In an interaction with, Kumar said, "A successful digital campaign is when it's engaging around the product along with delivering good business results."

According to Kumar, brands and agencies should think of driving both communication and business results. "Only driving communication and not the business will not work on digital," he said.

The agency recently launched a digital innovative graphic content initiative for Kia Seltos that has garnered heavy numbers of views and engagement. The brand earned a total of 72,125 positive conversations over last 6 months i.e. approx. 80% positive sentiment. (72,125)

Numbers below:

 Facebook – Fans (New Likes) – Percentage Increase – 6.25% (27,999)

  • Facebook – Organic Reach – Percentage Increase – 102%
  • Facebook – Organic Impression – Percentage Increase – 55.8%
  • Twitter – Engagement Rate - Percentage Increase – 3.2%
  • Instagram – New Followers – Percentage Increase – 50% (70,539)

"The overall idea of the campaign was to create a distinctive, clutter-breaking voice for Kia online from a conversation point of view, and also create brand love and engagement, resulting in very strong business results," Kumar said.

Adventures of Meerkat, BadAssCallingBadAss, Instagram hijack and Motion Poster were the four content-driven initiatives created by the agency.

Adventure of Meerkat video:

The badass philosophy was taken from the brand's mainline creative agency Innocean Worldwide.

Seltos has sold more than 40,000 car units and received 87,000 bookings in just four months of the launch. An innovative brand promotion, strategy, aggressive pricing and sport design worked for the brand.

Kumar said that the objective behind launching Adventures of Meerkat and 'BadAssCallingOutBadass' was to create buzz and excitement around the launch of the #BadassByDesignSeltos of KIA motors.

"The entire conversation was planned to boil down to the launch. After the launch, we started promoting the brand by talking about its features, designs, etc," he said.

The challenge, Kumar said, in producing content for digital is staying relevant to the audience and that the idea needs to be very agile.

The agency picked Instagram as its primary medium and created an intriguing graphic novel for Instagrammers that turned IG-stories into a dynamic medium for storytelling.

"Millennials love Instagram. They also love to consume their content on the go. So we created The Adventures of Meerkat to reach out to the hard-to-convince generation," he said.

Plotted around Johnny (a fictional character playing a product designer at Kia) and Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff (brand ambassador), The Adventures of Meerkat showcases the story of a mysterious character who turns into a nefarious super-villain, upon failing in his attempts to become a Kia inspiration for design. With key features of the car smartly entwined with the storyline, the agency used sound effects for enhancement of the dynamic viewing experience.

For the BadAssCallingBadAss campaign, the idea was to celebrate the most badass personalities of the time.

"From Iron Man to Arya Stark, we didn't miss out on any badass personality. Using our content strategy, we highlighted the meaning of 'badass' to establish Kia Seltos as 'Badass by Design'. We focused on trending moments like Sacred Games Season 2 and Suits Season 8 that made our contest series more relatable and topical. With that, we recruited all the other 'badasses' out there," he said.

The contest series has garnered 10M+ impressions and 5L+ engagement.

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Speaking on the Instagram hijack, Kumar said, "On the launch day of Kia SUV Seltos, we decided to speak the language of all the car lovers by hijacking the most popular car hashtags on Instagram. Through real-time live coverage, dynamic Instagram stories, and carefully selected influencer collaborations across categories, Seltos owned a majority of the top 12 posts in the discovery section for the most important, relevant and popular hashtags."

The Instagram hijack has engaged 938K people with over 300K organic story views.

The approach behind creating a motion poster was to generate more conversations around Meerkat and building hype around the Kia Seltos.

"Our strategy involved a complete take-over of the big screen, the cinematic universe, by challenging Meerkat's oldest rival, i.e. Tiger Shroff, in his film 'War' by creating a spoof trailer, which was played in multiple theatres across the nation. The second phase of the campaign involved Meerkat pitting his skills against the 'Terminator – The Dark Fate'," Kumar said.

The motion picture strategy garnered 1.5 m impressions and the video views went to 1.1 m with 400+ theatre screenings pan India.

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The agency is now prepping up for Kia's upcoming car carnival. "While Seltos was about badass and this kind of philosophy, with the carnival we are talking about extravagance in terms of the offerings within the affordable price point," Kumar said.

The brand is targeting a premium audience with this offering.

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