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The campaigns of Sony Entertainment Television’s marquee property Kaun Banega Crorepati, whose 13th season is soon to be launched, have always been interesting and impressed viewers. The launch communication for this year’s KBC has evolved from being an advertising campaign to becoming branded entertainment.

This year, the makers have taken an interesting, story-telling approach in a longer format to keep viewers engaged. The campaign has been conceptualised by Nitesh Tiwari, who has been associated with the show for the past 11 years.

The video:

According to Tiwari, the approach this time was to break away from whatever had been done before for the show. Titled Samman, the first part of the movie shows the struggle of a small village to collect funds to build a school for the kids.

The villagers then discover the path of KBC and the entire village try to register for the show after watching an ad for the show. Dabba, a salon worker, who is often ridiculed by the villagers, manages to crack the entry into the show. The film ends on a cliffhanger and the video ends with the text, ‘to be continued’. The next two parts of the movie will soon be available on the channel’s social media channels.

The film opens with a contextual scenario, relatable characters and the narrative, helmed with a tinge of humour, engages the audience in the most unexpected manner. Keep watching to know how the story unfolds!

Nitesh Tiwari

Discussing the idea behind the campaign, Tiwari said, “This campaign is written by me and my co-writer Nikhil Malhotra. Our thought process was that we needed to break away from all the conventional executions we may have done to allow us to fly. As a creator, if you restrict yourself to certain given aspects, you can only think within those limitations.”

“We realised KBC is not just a show. It has permeated so deeply into our household, into our conscience that it has become a part of our life. We realised the entire approach is so big that it cannot be told in 45 or 60 seconds.” He gave credit to the channel for buying and trusting the idea.

Tiwari, who directed all the show’s campaigns for the past 11 years, was also Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett at that time. He discussed the past campaigns and recalled the ‘Koi bhi sawal chota nahi hota’ campaign, which set a benchmark for them.

“KBC has not only been the most rewarding experience as far as creativity is concerned, but it has also been the most challenging one. Primarily, because how do you keep on coming up with campaign idea after campaign idea, year after year? Especially when your previous campaigns have been loved so much, you do not want to let people down. Coming up with an idea is all right, but coming up with an idea that you think will surpass what you have done in the past, is a very daunting task and we have been doing this daunting task for the past many years. I honestly believe this year is no different; we've managed to do it again,” said Tiwari.

The present season’s campaign was shot in Madhya Pradesh in a town called Berchha in a span of five days. The movie has a lot of local cast from Bhopal, which resonates with the spirit of the show, Tiwari said.