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Due to the negligible cost of publishing content online and the low barrier to entry, a staggering amount of content is created and distributed daily. Therefore, it is now more important than ever that your brand pays close attention to its content strategy to ensure that readers see value in your material.

While you may hear the phrase “content is king” being touted by content strategists, your content can also ruin your brand’s marketing strategy if not executed well. Below are some ways that your content can maintain its throne and give your brand a strong voice that resonates with readers.

Tailor your content to the platform

Consumers have become accustomed to consuming enriching content that provides them with great user experience - one that is in line with expectations from respective platforms.

Different audience demographics have different ways of consuming content that is dependent on the mode of consumption. This means that your strategy must break down digital habits of users on different platforms to ensure your brand gets its voice across. When targeting a younger demographic, content types like GIFs and short, entertaining videos are likely to do better than 1000-word articles.

Ensure that your copy is impeccable

Make sure you are thorough with your content so that it doesn’t contain any obvious spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. These are sure-fire ways of turning off readers and are likely to lead to a loss of credibility for your brand. This is especially true for brands in sectors like design, real estate and advertising that demand excellence and an eye-for-detail.

When your readers are looking to learn more about a topic, they will not pay much attention to content that itself is peppered with errata. So spend some time fact-checking your content and proofreading your copy, so it is free of glaring mistakes.

Ensure a good interface design

If your blog or website is hard to navigate and contains blurry images or tacky fonts, users are not going to spend time reading your content no matter how compelling it is. It is therefore crucial to your brand strategy to invest resources in good design to provide an aesthetically pleasing user experience. This ensures your users enjoy the process of engaging with your content.

Avoid excessive use of keywords

While it may seem like a good SEO strategy, overusing keywords in your content can lead to a lack of clarity since the focus shifts from engaging content to repetitive ‘in-your-face’ marketing.

Your content strategy’s aim should be to provide value to your readers, and if you write for the sake of optimizing for search engine results without focusing on a clear value-addition to readers, it will be hard for you to develop a following of readers.

Provide insightful information through your content

When writing about a data-driven topic, make sure you make sufficient use of facts and figures, and draw educated insights from that data. This keeps your readers engaged and presenting your own take to draw insights from the data helps you stand out in a sea of brands that say the same thing in different words.


To sum up, we've compiled a set of points to ensure your brand stays true to an effective content strategy. These include - being cognitive of the platform of distribution, focusing on well-polished material by omitting any mistakes, and providing insights without using excessive buzzwords. Before your brand’s next content push, look through the above checklist and ensure you check all the relevant points to optimise your content strategy.