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Consumers these days not just demand great products but also brands with a purpose imbibed in them. People want to get inspired and feel a connection with the brands they use. Hence, a lot of brands are reinventing and moving beyond functional advertising and positioning themselves more humane, purpose-driven and personalised through their marketing strategies.

Content marketing is one important pillar to drive purpose-driven brands as it helps tell real stories and engage more with the consumers to inspire and come closer to them.

Recently, P&G’s haircare brand Pantene India announced brand revamp along with #FreedomHair campaign. The campaign inspires young girls to write their own story. It is not about telling the girls what they should or should not do but inspiring them by showing the endless possibilities that life presents. Open hair is much more than a hairstyle, it is a feeling that women wear, a feeling of freedom.

User-generated content plays an important role in this campaign. The beauty of the campaign is that the brand has very meticulously chosen powerful female influencers across various regions in India to amplify it. The kind and quality of content these influencers have posted is the icing on the cake. They have shared their true #FreedomHair stories and asked their followers to also write back their moment of freedom images, videos. The brand has also done a paid partnership with Vogue as part of the campaign distribution strategy.

The estimated media value of the campaign is between Rs 20-25 lakh, which has led to two million reach among the consumers.

The strategy works for the brand as they have partnered with a trusted set of influencers and a publisher like Vogue, which has strong roots in inspiring women to love and take care of themselves. Not just this, the campaign has generated massive meaningful UGC. Young girls want to be heard and Pantene has done the same here.

Sheeko Brandscore graph of the brand:

Here is some influencers’ post on Instagram:

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Loving the new @pantene_india ‘s #FreedomHair video! I have always believed that us girls should be free to make our own choices in life! I connect to this video as it reminds me of my own #FreedomHair story! Quitting Microsoft to move with baggage and bravado to Mumbai. This is my story and it’s what makes me, ME! Girls I want to know... so tell me; what’s your #FreedomHair story - the time you decided to go after what you want! Share it with me & stand a chance to be featured on Pantene India’s Social Media Pages…all you got to do is: 1.Upload your #FreedomHair video/gif like mine along with your #FreedomHairStory in the caption. 2.Tag @Pantene_india and use #FreedomHairStory (You know we’ll be checking!) @Pantene_india will pick 10 best entries ! #Pantene #FreedomHair #OpenHair #AdvancedHairfallSolution #NoHairfall #Ad #FreedomHairAnthem

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The main campaign:

The main campaign video showcases the stories of eight powerful females, from the nine-year-old skateboarder Kamali Moorthy to athlete and LGBT activist Dutee Chand, to tattoo artist Amba Soma, biker and dentist, Dr Neharika Yadav and fashion designer and celebrity stylist, Chandni Sareen, who have defied the regular, broken the unscrupulous boundaries set by society and chosen their freedom above all.

Because real stories have a greater impact, the brand has also created separate films on the lives of these few impactful women as well.

● Dutee Chand, LGBT Activist and Athlete story of freedom:

● Ishita Malaviya, Surfer’s story:

● Manjari Makijany, Filmmaker’s freedom story:

● Paloma Monappa, Surfer, DJ & Model’s freedom story: