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HT Brand Studio is a native advertising and creative content agency. Part of HT Digital, the team ideates, creates and markets content for partner brands that are looking to engage with the audience across HT Digital’s news platforms.

For one of its recent projects, HT Brand Studio was tasked with engaging the target audience of Glen. The campaign was constructed around the content preference of Glen’s ideal audience profile, i.e. people with a natural affinity for cooking. One of the major goals was to position Glen kitchen appliances as a part of millennial life and eventually create top-of-mind recall by natively embedding its appliances in the story of a modern household.

The phenomenal rise of interest in Google searches for cooking and recipes during the lockdown was behind the decision to construct the storyline around food and highlight the emotional bond that a kitchen creates, not just among families but among neighbours and friends too. The idea was to drive stickiness and engagement among millennials through engaging content.


Conceptualised as a single-season series, Neighbor’s Kitchen went on to complete two seasons and 11 episodes. The series revolves around the story of a young chef and his struggle—in Delhi and in Mumbai, where he sets up a home kitchen and delivery business. The content strategy was crafted to keep the kitchen with all the essential appliances in all their glory, food and love between families as a central theme. 

Brand was seamlessly weaved into the storyline

Season 1: Tanmay keeps dropping in at his neighbour’s house (Subhash and Gauri, an elderly couple living alone) to borrow their kitchen equipment. Since he stays alone and has just moved to Delhi, he hardly has any kitchen appliances. On the other hand, Subhash and Gauri’s kitchen is stocked with Glen’s state-of-the-art appliances that Tanmay uses to indulge in his love for cooking and impresses everyone around. 

Season 2: Tanmay loses his job as a chef due to Covid. To sustain his livelihood, he starts a cloud kitchen business from his flat. Tanmay renovates his kitchen and equips it with high-end Glen kitchen appliances to help him with his cooking.

Both seasons delivered stellar results

- The campaign outperformed when compared with average views and engagement of video content from other kitchen brands, by 4X and 2X. Even in comparison with other publishers, the campaign garnered 30 times more views and four times more engagement. The performance is based on public video stats on Facebook, compared with a set of related publisher and kitchen brands.

- The campaign effectively reached a large chunk of the millennial audience.

- The web series garnered 54% and 36% increase in organic site visits for Glen during Season 1 and Season 2, respectively

Read the full Hindustan Times Neighbour’s Kitchen Case Study here.

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