HT Brand Studio will focus on creating content series that can also spark digital conversations, says Abhesh Verma

The brand marketing wing of Hindustan Times Digital Streams recently launched a fictional web series Friday Finance. The series has been planned in association with Aviva Life Insurance and Aditya Birla Capital

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Abhesh Verma

Following the success of the first fictional web series created by the brand marketing wing of Hindustan Times Digital Streams HT Brand Studio, CEO Abhesh Verma has said that they will focus on creating many more such series.

Titled ‘Friday Finance’, the web series helps demystify personal finance for millennials. The series has garnered close to 3 million views on Facebook and YouTube already.

“Friday Finance is a first-of-a-kind initiative by HT Digital Streams. And, I feel extremely happy and proud to see that it has performed so well. Going forward, we would like to plan many more such series that are not only educational but also spark conversations among people,” said Verma.

Launched in association with Aviva Life Insurance and Aditya Birla Capital, ‘Friday Finance’ revolves around four 30-something friends—Naina, Jatin, Shayan and Sanchit—who get together every Friday. Their conversations centre around their jobs, relationships, future plans, and, most importantly, finances. The latter might be an unlikely subject to crop up during conversations with friends, but nevertheless manages to catch everybody’s attention. 

Conversations about money also reinforce how life goals are tied to sound financial planning.

The series simplifies investments and speaks to millennials about personal finance in a language that they understand. The story is such that every millennial will find it engaging, informative, as well as entertaining.

“Millenials are the emerging insurance consumers of the future and rely heavily on peer advice while making key decisions.  HT Friday Finance is a unique concept to help de-mystify and de-jargonise the otherwise complex world of Insurance terminologies, for a complete novice. Moreover, increasing Financial Literacy is one of our core objectives at Aviva India; hence this initiative ties up beautifully with our core philosophy,” said Anjali Malhotra, Chief Customer, Marketing, IT and Digital Officer, Aviva India.

A Bala Subramanian, MD and CEO, Aditya Birla Sunlife AMC Ltd, believes that an initiative like Friday Finance can help make personal finance a part of day-to-day conversations.

“Personal finance should not remain personal if we want to achieve full financial literacy in India. Through Friday Finance, we are intended to make financial matters a part of day-to-day conversations, especially for young investors. It is imperative that they have the right information for taking the right investment decisions. I am confident that through this series, we will be able to sneak in personal finance matters into common people’s lives,” said Subramanian.

Prasad Sanyal, Chief Content Officer, HT Digital Streams, added, “Friday Finance is an example of content at its finest form. The storyline is compelling, and easily drives home the point of how financial planning is not rocket science. I am assured that this web series will strike a chord with most millennials, who have such defined life goals."

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