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Sonali Dhawan

Brands can make an impact through content marketing only when they have a role in the conversations they are building, feels Sonali Dhawan, CMO and Fabric Business Unit Head, Procter and Gamble Indian Subcontinent.

In a conversation with, Dhawan said content marketing can deliver solid results when the brand is sending across a very strong message.

When asked how content marketing is helping brands drive their communication strategies, Dhawan said content has become a big part of brand communication. “In today’s digital world, we cannot force the message down to somebody, rather we can draw them to come and receive the message. If a brand wants its audience to receive the message, the content needs to be very powerful and connecting,” said Dhawan.

A powerful content does not require too much of promotion and it goes by itself. “We just have to find those people who will connect with it and place it out in their hands so that they own it and take it forward. This is exactly what we are going to do further,” said Dhawan.

"When brands are having authentic conversations on how their products can change lives and do a broader social good, and when the brands are those brands that have stature and influence and followers to be able to do that, that’s when these conversations are relevant and can have an impact. The important question for brands is, ‘can you have an impact," she said.

P&G has been running a very successful campaign for its washing powder brand Ariel. The campaign ShareTheLoad focuses on gender equality. The brand has been able to drive sales on the back of this multimedia campaign.

Speaking about the leverage Ariel has achieved from its #ShareTheLoad campaign, Dhawan said, “We are seeing that the brand has made a much stronger and better connection with our target audience. Every subsequent thing that the brand brings out is actually received very well. Over this period, the brand has grown its market share and its top line grew more than double digit year on year. I am sure that campaign is one of the reasons because the relevance and engagement of the brand have improved significantly.”