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The theme-based amusement park Adlabs Imagica has announced the launch of animated video series with its home-grown characters — Tubbby, Bow-Wow, Hippy, Roberto and Rajasaurus.

The content of the series will be based on the characters and Imagica’s theme park will be subtly weaved in the story.


“That is going to help us in the long run; in being part of someone’s life which is more important than just a single-time visitation. In terms of business; it is one transaction versus a lifetime of a transaction,” said Raveendra Singh, AVP, Strategy and Marketing, Adlabs Imagica.

Imagica is yet to decide on which medium it would disseminate its content. The first series will have 13 hours of content, featuring all its characters. The brand is in the process of developing the concept and will pitch it to broadcasters and OTT platforms in three months’ time.

Although with the trend of growing digital video content consumption with the advent of OTT platforms in India, it has become difficult for brands to decide on selecting between traditional and digital medium for their content needs, believes Singh.

Singh said, “While TV channels are still popular with kids, OTT platforms are providing an alternative. The kind of penetration that Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar have in terms of time spent on them will involve a lot of thinking and time for content owners to choose between TV or digital. We would be open to exploring that.”

Imagica’s characters merchandise is present across Hamleys, Zontom stores and at major e-commerce outlets. As part of their school activation programme, Imagica provides educative content through their characters in order to imbibe good habits among children. The brand has ventured into a partnership with education and innovation company Neltas for educational content for children from standard second to fifth.

Imagica is associated with Cello for their ‘Back to School’ products line with licensing of Imagica characters, and Havmor with a licensing deal of Imagica’s mascot, Tubbby, to feature on Havmor ice creams.