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Social media contests are a time-tested method by brands to engage with their target audience, helping them increase their followers and getting users to try their products.

Taking this route, Medimix Ayurveda has launched a digital contest, #MedimixSoftSkin challenge, across social media platforms to promote their Medimix Natural Glycerine Soap. The contest urges users to share photos and videos of their soft skin experience. Lucky winners could win Amazon vouchers.

While the contest is open to all users, they have taken on board popular fashion and lifestyle influencers to participate in the challenge. On board are digital creator Kusha Kapila, bloggers Niki Mehra and Diksha Vohra, content creator Saloni Sehra, influencer Aashna Malani and many others. These influencers belong to different kinds of industries — lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, comedy, etc., and each brings with them a unique yet relevant set of followers for a brand like Medimix.

The campaign promotes the use of an ayurvedic alternative to combat the age-old issue of dry skin during winters. In their stories and posts, they have highlighted the importance of using natural glycerine soap for smooth skin. In their videos, they explain how winters tend to make their skin dry and how Medimix has helped them keep it soft. At the end of their videos, they nominate their friends to take the challenge.

Through the campaign, Medimix urges users to ditch other ordinary soaps and switch to Medimix Natural Glycerine Soap.

“With this campaign, our call to action for the consumers is to switch from their existing soap and try the Medimix Natural Glycerine soap. We hope customers will relate to the product, which will further help us to gain a market share in the glycerine category,” said Ashish Ohlyan, Head of Marketing, Cholayil Pvt Ltd in a statement.

As evident from content marketing agency Sheeko’s activity graph, Medimix Ayurveda has not been very active on digital platforms in the past year, but after coming up with this campaign, there has been a significant rise in their numbers, much higher than the brand has seen in the past year.

According to data shared by Sheeko, the campaign was able to reach over 50 lakh people in a media value pegged around Rs 10 lakh.

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