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Insightful sessions and entertaining chats entailing the creator economy marked Instagram’s Creator Day event held yesterday.

One of the sessions was on the role agencies play in the growth of creators. The session was moderated by Biswamitra Ray, Creator Strategist at Facebook India. Industry experts such as Sumedh Chaphekar, CEO, Nofilter.Group, Rahul Tamada, Co-Founder, Tamada Media and Vinay Pillai, Co-Lead, Clout of Pocket Aces took part.

The discussion started around the massive growth the content creation industry has seen in the past few years—be it in the form of short videos or other things along the same lines. The panellists discussed if the creator business is here for the long run or if it would fade away.

Pillai said, “I think content creation is here to stay and that is pretty evident to creators and agencies. It will now merge into other industries such as FMCG, e-comm, etc. We are at the very beginning of that.”

Talking about aspiring, emerging creators and their expectations from agencies, Chaphekar said, “Signing with an agency is a choice. It might not be the best option for everyone. It’s important for the creator to understand what they need to build for themselves as a substantial career and then look at what the agency has to offer.”

Content democratisation starts with enabling creative expression. Explaining this, Pillai said, “As a talent agent, the job is to leverage the offers that are already available in the market. I think one has to look at what can be created around you, for you, with you, and not just at what already exists in the market. It is important for creators to look at the truth of what the company is offering them before making a choice.”

Tamada added, “One thing that’s equally important is what not to expect from the agency. Creators need to realise that at the end of the day it is their journey, their content, and their thought. As an agency, we’re just enablers that help the creators to grow from where they are to where they want to be.”

The panellists agreed that the consideration to be kept in mind as an agency before signing up with a creator is that they understand what they’re good at and whether they look at content creation as a hobby, passion, or profession. It is important for both the parties to align with what’s best for the creator as well as the agency, they said.