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In the backdrop of Valentine’s Day, CloseUp has chosen to address a relevant issue in today’s times. At a time when people find it difficult to love people of their choice due to resistance from society, the brand has brought back its campaign #FreeToLove. This time, the brand has highlighted #LoveNeedsLove and offers couples going through such issues support through their website ‘Love for All’.

Promoting this campaign on Instagram, the brand highlights that couples require support and acceptance to allow their relationships to blossom. They have tied up with couples who talk about their relationship and how they have had it easier than many others as they had the much-needed support from their family. They then direct these couples who don’t feel #FreeToLove to CloseUp’s website for relationship advice and other real-life stories.

The brand has associated with popular couples like Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu, Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover, Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi. It has also tied up with Tyrone Braganza and Daniel Bauer, who recently featured in the latest Netflix docu-series ‘The Big Day’.

The right choice of influencers also makes the campaign work well. They have covered all kinds of relationships through their influencers. Since most of the couples in the campaign were dating publicly and their stories have been in public domain, they seem even more believable and relatable. When celebrities like these share their stories, they tend to inspire others to fight a little more for their love. Some couple influencers have also shared their real-life moments, pictures and videos in their post, making it even more engaging.

CloseUp’s theme has always hinged around freshness, not just in their product but also in their perspectives. They bring this fresh perspective to this lesser talked about issue. Consumers tend to instantly connect with brands that extend support to them. It’s even more heartening when that support comes from reputed brands.

The campaign is well executed and is extremely relevant in today’s times when people find it difficult to freely love their partners of choice. Legislations by different states against inter- religious marriage or against same-sex marriage or if nothing else, family disapproval keeps many lovers apart. This campaign, by including all kinds of relationships, manages to tug the right chords of our heart.

However, given that Valentine’s is one of the few times in the year when CloseUp gets active on Instagram, one expects a bigger campaign with more influencers to reach a diverse audience.

In the previous editions of #FreeToLove campaigns, CloseUp has addressed the idea of love without barriers and the need for relationships to be accepted.

Through this campaign, CloseUp has managed to gain over 13 million views in an estimated media value pegged around Rs 25 to 30 lakh.

As evident from Sheeko’s activity graph, CloseUp has not been considerably active on digital platforms in the last year, but after coming up with this campaign, they have seen a steep increase in their numbers.

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