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Myntra is back with Season 3 of its content IP ‘Myntra Fashion Superstar’. This season, the contestants-cum-content creators will engage the audience through interactive Live blogs, as opposed to only traditional static video diaries. This content strategy of Live blogs comes on the back of Myntra's venture into Live commerce. Through Live commerce on Myntra, consumers can directly add products to their carts from the Live sessions hosted by the influencers and buy them later.

The reality show by Flipkart-owned Myntra will stream from November 11 on Myntra Studio via Myntra App and Voot, divided into 45-minute episodes and 8-part series. Recently, Flipkart also collaborated with short-video platform Moj to capitalise on video and Live Commerce.

The show will have a panel of judges featuring influencers Kusha Kapila, Aashna Shroff, Ankush Bahuguna, and Santu Misra, led by fashion designer, Manish Malhotra. The theme of this year’s show is #MFSIWearMyStory, which is about revealing the actual person behind the persona.

Myntra has also launched a 50-second promotional video, ahead of the commencement of season 3 of MFS:

BuzzInContent caught up with celebrity influencers/judges in the show: Kusha Kapila, Aashna Shroff, Ankush Bahuguna, to talk about their association with the show.

Spilling some beans about what MFS (Myntra Fashion Superstar) has to do with Myntra’s announcement of entering the Live commerce space, Bahuguna told that in one of the segments, the contestants had to sell the products to them. “On Live, one has to be spontaneous and correct in your communication so that you tell the audience everything they need to know about a certain product.”

Giving further details into why he chose to associate with Myntra for the show, Bahuguna said, “The show has an interesting format, where they aren’t really judging but mentoring the contestants. It is my first reality show and it is always a great experience when your 'first' is a one of a kind thing. In the show, we’ll be judging contestants only on the basis of their content. An influencer is known and judged basis his/her content.”

He also appreciated that through this reality show, Myntra will be giving a contract worth Rs 50 lakh to the winning contestant. “When I started my career as a content creator, I didn’t have this opportunity,” he said. 

Sharing her experience of collaborating with Myntra for MFS, Kapila said, “I was the mentor in MFS Season 1 and wanted to be part of it this time around as well. I had a lot of fun in season 1 as I got to mentor creators then. The show is produced on a large scale. Through the show, I got to meet many talented people. The pool of creators on the show is very diverse and I am proud of the show.”

Shroff told when she was offered to be part of Myntra Fashion Superstar, she was not very comfortable with coming on TV and that too on a reality show. “But if I had to do try something like this, then Myntra Fashion Superstar is the closest thing that I relate to. It is a talent hunt for a  digital fashion creator and that is literally what I do.”

It is a dream come true for an influencer if he/she gets enough creative freedom from the brand’s end. In the case of MFS (Myntra Fashion Superstar), Bahuguna and Shroff shared that Myntra didn’t interfere at all with regard to creativity. “We were ourselves in the show. We fought, screamed and it became quite loud at one point in time. Everything in the show is real. We were never forced by the brand to create anything for ‘masala’ sake,” added Shroff.

Bahuguna seconded, “Some contestants had polarised opinions about each other. So many times, we wonder if such intense arguments do happen in reality, but yes, all the content in MFS is definitely real. If there are different minds giving opinions, there are going to be disagreements.”

As part of the marketing strategy of the show, Myntra has released videos featuring celebrity influencers/judges on the show sharing their personal stories around the theme of the show #MFSIWearMyStory.

Kusha Kapila’s unfiltered story:

Aashna Shroff’s triumph in her woman-only world:

Ankush Bahuguna - Story of dealing with the aftermath of bullying

Santu Misra’s thoughts around body positivity:

Kapila told that when she was asked to share her #MFSIWearMyStory, she was a bit reluctant, but the way Myntra went about it, she felt safe sharing her story of dealing with depression.

“Myntra Fashion Superstar wants to create a very organic environment when it comes to responses and we were able to do that through the videos,” she added.

Shroff and Bahuguna told BuzzInContent there isn’t any promotional strategy put in place for them to abide by and have been organically posting content around the show as and when they like.

Kapila added, “My online presence is only my strategy. I will post about the show as much as I can and create some meaningful conversations.”

MFS-3 will commence with 12 contestants who will battle it out for the title of India’s next big fashion influencer. The contest has been designed to progressively eliminate contestants as the episodes advance until the grand finale where the judges handpick their favourite influencer to be crowned with the title of Myntra Fashion Superstar.