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Brooke Bond Red Label has consistently adhered its brand-purpose communication, and inclusiveness remains at the heart of its brand purpose. As its tagline ‘Taste of Togetherness’ suggests, it wants to help people find common ground over a cup of their tea. The same thought is reflected in its latest campaign #LetsUnstereotypeIndia.

A purpose-driven brand is motivated by its core mission. Their existence is defined by their need to solve a problem or meet a need in society. In an earlier interview with, Shiva Krishnamurthy, Vice-President, Tea & Foods, HUL, had said that Brooke Bond Red Label’s purpose is to ‘Make India More Inclusive’ because it fits very well with what the brand has always stood for.

Though Brooke Bond is not very active on Instagram, it has kept up with the times and rolled out an influencer marketing campaign as part of the #LetsUnstereotypeIndia. The campaigns have consistently questioned deep-rooted prejudices in society and this same principle has come to life on social media as well. The influencers have shared the videos with the caption, ‘Let’s unstereotype India with conversations over a cup of Red Label chai.’

According to data provided by content marketing agency Sheeko, the influencer-driven campaign has crossed over 5 lakh views in a media value pegged around Rs 25 lakh.

As evident from Sheeko’s activity graph, Brooke Bond Red Label had not seen much activity through the year on digital platforms. However, the campaign has led to a significant increase in numbers.

Sheeko Brandscore graph of the brand’s performance on Instagram over one year:

The choice of influencers here is imperative. The brand has taken on board actress Dia Mirza, Teejay Sidhu, Neena Gupta, and model Sushant Divgikr. Resonating with the theme of the campaign, these influencers are known to have broken different stereotypes in their personal lives. They are modern, free-thinking individuals who have consistently stood for their beliefs. The videos seem organic and just another part of their life as the influencers are addressing an issue that they usually speak about even outside their virtual platforms. Since their personal stories align with the overall campaign messaging, it makes the campaign and the influencers more believable.

For example, Gupta in her video speaks of how age is no barrier to learn new things in life while learning to sing. The veteran actress is known to be a person for whom age is just a number and she hasn’t shied away from doing anything due to her age.

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Divgikr addresses a question that she is often asked: whether she is a girl or a boy, by saying “It really doesn’t matter. Judge people by their actions, not by how they conform to your age-old notions.”

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Sidhu speaks of not passing casual judgments on someone based on traditional notions. Being an NRI, she is often seen speaking in English in her videos. Through this video, she busts the notion that she cannot speak in Indian languages and asks people not to judge people.

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Mirza, who recently broke several stereotypes at her wedding by having a priestess heading the ceremony and not having a ‘Kanyadaan’, shatters gender stereotypes like ‘Mard ko dard nahi hota’ in the video while reading a film script.

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The influencers come from different walks of life bringing with them diverse followers, thus widening the reach of the campaign.

A highlight of these videos is that the influencers at no point try to sell the tea brand to the audience, but only address the issue at hand. It is only at the end of the video that they mention the brand name apart from showing the product in the background.

Over the years, Brooke Bond Red Label has executed several campaigns that celebrate inclusiveness and togetherness through different subjects. In 2018 their campaign, #ShreeGaneshApnepanKa celebrated togetherness despite religious diversity. Last year during the pandemic, they released a campaign called #DuriyonMeinApnapan, highlighting togetherness while maintaining social distancing.