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Inshorts, a mobile news platform, has launched a new ad property called ‘Fact Cards’ in association with Raymond’s Khadi campaign. Fact Cards is a property that will help advertisers engage with their audience with an innovating and non-intrusive ad format.

The Khadi campaign, in association with Raymonds, is an initiative by the brand to build awareness and promote khadi among consumers. As part of this campaign, with the help of intriguing creatives, Inshorts shared with its readers seven interesting facts about the humble weaver with the caption ‘The story re-spun’.

The new property is helping marketers showcase interesting facts about their brand/product to the user in the form of cards. The cards which capture the entire screen space of the smartphone are displayed as the second news/ shorts when a user opened the app, each session displaying each fact card.

Azhar Iqubal, CEO and Co-founder, Inshorts, said, “Attention-grabbing marketing that inspires emotion and prompts consumers to share can become valuable experiences for the consumer. Hence it is imperative that brands be more consumer-centric and create content that serves the consumer first, and then the brand. We at Inshorts serve both the advertiser and consumers by providing innovative ad formats that keep intact a person’s attention span. We hope that with this Khadi campaign and the new ad format we are able to communicate our advertiser’s message in a less clichéd form so as to generate more interest.”

Tarun Arora, Chief Marketing Officer, Inshorts, said, “We operate in a world where gauging a consumer’s attention span is extremely difficult. We as marketers are constantly finding out new ways of approaching the audience. The Khadi campaign is aimed at engaging with the advertiser’s audience in a more creative way. We hope that with these unique visuals we have successfully helped the brand to reach out to its effective target group.”

Uma Talreja, Chief Digital Officer, Raymond, said, “The story re-spun is a strategic effort towards promoting khadi as the new age fabric for the next-gen digital audience. Khadi has been the pride of India and through this initiative, Raymond has committed to reviving the traditional Indian art by collaborating with artisans and craftsmen. Making khadi-driven fashion, which has relevance for our target audience today, is at the core of our strategy to reposition and revive khadi. Inshorts is a relevant app platform that helps us communicate this to consumers that are interested in news and the latest development in our country. Today’s consumer has skin in the game in the future of our country and Inshorts allows brands to integrate this common interest and value system and hence an apt platform for communicating the new face of khadi created by Raymond.”

Running for four days, the campaign had a reach of 2.5 mn users and has received 50,000 shares on social media.