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Instoried, the intuitive web platform designed to craft written content, has launched Content360 - a full-fledged services/consulting arm offering end-to-end content services to companies.

The aim is to create content at scale using empathy and focusing on the desired long-term outcome and not just the short-term output.

Content360 addresses the limitation of traditional content agencies, digital-first brands and freelancers who churn out multiple content forms per month, focusing on just the output. Users include start-ups, SMEs, MNCs, e-commerce sites, D2C websites, content creators, mid-size digital marketing agencies, content agencies, freelance marketers, bloggers and more.

Sharmin Ali, CEO and Co-founder, Instoried, said, “While you focus on your core business of marketing, manufacturing, or any other, our Content360 services will work on building content that resonates with your target audience and business goals to eventually grow your business. On a lighter note, this service will be ‘Robot with a Heart’, managing all content generation needs with empathy. Acting as an outsourced content generator, this would save significant costs for start-ups/SMEs/enterprises/brands.” 

As per it, using Content360, companies can generate various content forms based on the content strategy chosen - written advertisement copies, social media captions, emails, blog posts, product descriptions, website content, SEO landing pages with over 50+ templates in just a few seconds.

Instoried’s Content360 services acts as a Chief Content Officer and benefits companies by reaching their optimal content strategy. Instoried enables these services with - A dedicated Account Manager to liaison with daily; provide an expert content team that has in-depth knowledge of the services, the industry and is well versed in English; provide Instoried’s proprietary tool that adds AI for scale, and speed in content generation and Periodical reviews to check content performance, create a content calendar and tweak content strategy based on results.