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Instoried, the tech platform that analyses and optimises content for its emotional quotient, recently added a key tool, Panel Testing, to its existing platform. The feature enables content creators to get feedback from their peers, customers or stakeholders in real time.

Content writers, marketers, copywriters, content marketers and digital agencies can optimise their content for the best possible impact using this feature by getting inputs from 10 stakeholders at once. A stakeholder/ panellist can read the document, answer questions and quickly submit their feedback in real time, which is shown as detailed graphics on the Instoried Tool.

Instoried’s Panel Testing tool allows users to save time in back-and-forth coordination, leverage everyone’s ideas optimally and send out a quick survey that asks pertinent questions about purchase intent, shareability and branding guidelines of a content piece. Users can add their own questions to the panel. Users no longer have to have multiple conversations with different stakeholders and collate all their feedback.

Sharmin Ali, Founder and CEO, Instoried, said, “Our latest feature addition of panel testing aims at adding human feedback to AI optimisation for content. While Instoried’s AI helps you optimise content for tonality, emotion, uniqueness and impact, there are still nuances to content such as brand language, likeability and shareability of the content; and even conversion that needs a human perspective. With the Panel test, users don’t have to have multiple threads of emails with people to get feedback. Instead, they can get all the feedback they need in one place and make changes quickly based on measurable insights.”

One can use the panel testing feature in this way —edit content on the Instoried platform, choose panel testing and create a fresh panel test, add relevant questions that you want answered, such as purchase intent, shareability and overall consumer alignment and branding of the content piece, add any question of your own, send the test to up to 10 panellists in one go. Each panellist gets their test in the email.

The tool is ideal for freelance content writers, content creators in large organisations and agencies who need to get feedback from clients and their own stakeholders during content creation. Instoried can be used to optimise any content, be it an email, a social media post or a large blog.

Instoried uses a data-driven approach using their proprietary AI-driven technology to make real time analysis and suggestions to enhance content to increase engagement and interest for the reader. This leads to more clicks and as a result higher ROI for brands, creating a direct impact on sales and revenues for companies.