Intel partners with Carat India to unveil new campaign using Times Internet's AdTalk

The campaign aims to reach out to and engage with tech-savvy consumers while also highlighting Intel's innovative products and solutions

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Intel, in partnership with Carat India, launched its latest campaign using Times Internet's AI-led digital advertisement product - Times AdTalk.

The campaign aimed to reach out to and engage with tech-savvy consumers while also highlighting Intel's innovative products and solutions.

Times AdTalk enables conversational brand marketing by utilising natural language processing and machine learning to craft interactive and personalised chat experiences for users.

Carat, the media agency from dentsu India, used Times AdTalk for the campaign. It gave potential customers an engaging experience of what the Intel EVO is, its features, and the focused SKUs.

With this integration, the agency streamlined the user journey, allowing customers to resolve their concerns online. The campaign successfully persuaded potential customers to consider the brand when looking for a new product. Furthermore, when compared to the benchmarks, the engagement rate of the campaign was very high.

Apurva Jani, Marketing Director, Sales, Marketing and Communications Group, Intel said, “Times AdTalk has proven to be a game-changer for Intel. Our strategic implementation of Times AdTalk, in collaboration with Carat, allowed us to precisely target our audience and engage with them in a conversational manner. The insights gained from user chats were invaluable, significantly shaping our understanding of consumer preferences and behaviours. The success of our campaign with Times AdTalk is a testament to the innovative capabilities of this AI-powered solution. Working closely with Carat, we not only achieved heightened brand visibility but also established meaningful connections with our target audience through personalised conversations.”

Sanchayeeta Verma, CEO, Carat India, said, “At Carat, we played a pivotal role in strategically implementing Times AdTalk for Intel. Our expertise ensured optimal engagement and interaction, as showcased by impressive metrics - Click-Through Rate (CTR) exceeding 1% and Chat-Through Rate (Chat TR) surpassing 10%. This underscores the immense potential for Carat, Intel, and Times Internet to lead in innovative digital marketing solutions.”

Puneet Gupt, COO, Times Internet, said, “Times AdTalk represents a paradigm shift in digital advertising. It transcends traditional approaches by fostering real-time, interactive conversations between brands and consumers. The enthusiastic response from Intel, and Carat, and the promising metrics from the inaugural campaign underscore the immense potential of Times AdTalk in reshaping the future of digital marketing.”

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